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Re: Tooth Pain
Oct 24, 2004
[QUOTE=mamu710]Has anyone ever had tooth pain. Could this have anything to do with RSD?
My husbands RSD has been pretty bad lately. But now...he's been having this tooth pain. Been to the dentist and does have some issues but not enough to cause his teeth to ache. Any thoughts?

[COLOR=Magenta][B]I contstantly encounter tooth pain as well as migrains. I have RSD in my right dominated hand and it travels up my arm to my head. My dentist said there is nothing wrong w/ my teeth and figures that the problem could be caused by my sympathetic nerve system[/B].[/COLOR]
Re: Tooth Pain
Oct 24, 2004
I have the same problems, with teeth/jaw pain that goes up the side of my head and turns into a migraine.

I've been wondering if its my wonky wisdom teeth, rsd, migraines or tmj. I'm slowly ruling each one out. I've been taking migraine tablets but they aren't helping. i saw a dentist today and he said that it "might" be the teeth causing the pain, but i don't know if "might" is enough for me to get knocked out, get my teeth out, and risk nerve damage and the rsd spreading. It's really hard to know.

But in a way, reassurring to know i'm not the only one.

My rsd is also in my right dominant hand, from fingers to shoulder. So maybe it is related, just wish someone could tell me!

Has anyone heard of any rsd complications coming from having dental work done? I'm worried the rsd will spread.

x Kate

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