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Awww! What a Relief. I have been going nuts for 2 weeks. All I wanted was a list of some Doctors that treat CRPS. I have searched for 2 weeks and have really came up empty handed. I called everyone I knew and no one could help. I even called a Support Group here in NM and the guy I talked to was.....well lets just say, bitter. I didnt even know what kind of Doc to see and the DDS was encouraging but not helpful.

When you mention he is hiding something, well something clicked in my head. When I was in Physical Theraphy for Tight Neck Muscles, Everything was going fine for about 2 weeks and then WHAM! My Neck and Shoulders starting popping and getting stuck and in order to get them unstuck I had to suck it up and move and holy moly, there was some pain, but it was better then being stuck. So I tell the PT this and before I know it my Theraphy went from "lets Build Neck Muscle" to "We need to do stablized excersises" She states that my Ligaments are weak and that could be due to damage or something else. I see the DDS the following week, after he talked to my PT and I get pulled out of PT and I get DX'd with CRPS and they want to stick a needle in my head. So, here I am 2 weeks, later. When I think back to how I was treated, it was all so very odd. Even the PT called me at home to make sure I was ok! HUH? I never had anyone in the Medical Profession care about my little ole feelings. I was lucky to have a Doc make eye contact, but I think that Doc had a lazy eye. LOL

Dr. Craig Narin was on my Ins. list, so I made an Appt. with him for July 6. I feel like I am not going to make it. 3 days ago my teeth starting hurting and now I feel like razor blades are rubbing up against my skin. My Left leg and Arm are tingling bad, too the point it is painful. Left ear is on the fritz. I think I have asked "WHAT?" 482 times, so far. Then my kids respond like I am mentally challenged, It is not that I don't understand that someone needs their butt wiped, I just can't to hear. My daughter actually was talking to me in Sign Language. Ah! My kids are funny.

Cross your fingers that I don't spiral out of control. I feel it coming.

Have a great day,

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