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Re: Rsds doctors
Nov 3, 2008

Dear really1,

I live in Mississippi and have to travel all the way to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for appointments with my RSD doctor (Dr. Gray Barrow & Terry Braud, PA). It took us several years searching here on the MS Gulf Coast for what was even wrong with me. I had settled in with a doctor of a so-called pain clinic who made no effort to do any testing. He did several ganglion pain blocks that did not work. He put me on one Loracet every four hours that hardly touched the pain. I explained to him over and over about the burning and how at times it felt truly unbearable. He eventually told me it was in my head and that I should go see a Psychiatrist. By this time and being at the end of my rope, I could have slapped that stupid face of his clear into the adjacent county, and I have never been a violent person. I didn't know what was wrong, only that I was in constant agony. I was finally able to find a doctor that ordered a Nerve Conduction Test, and he said that from the results of that test he thought that I may have RSD. Finally, it was the beginning of knowing what area to look in. I have it in my left shoulder and arm, and I think it may be going to my knees. My husband was my best advocate. A good thing that he found that might help you is that he was told by one of his many contacts that we should look for a Physiatrist. My husband found a wonderful man who highly recommended Dr. Barrow and Terry. The first time I saw Terry, he said he could tell it was RSD just by the way I carried myself. A doctor that truly understands RSD does not hesitate to give you medicine to help relieve or lessen your pain. There has only been one medicine that offered total relief in the beginning. Dr. Barrow is willing to work with me on getting the best relief that he can, but if there is a med that offers total relief, I haven't seen it. I had a root canal that had me bedridden for two months. At 4:30 this morning, I read a post on another health board from a lady that had two root canals done, and she became bedridden for TWO YEARS. She decided to have the two root canal teeth pulled, even though the dentist said there was nothing wrong with them. She said a week after these teeth were pulled, she was DOING YARD WORK! I was scheduled to have two root canals this morning; but after researching the information about root canals and RSD, I cancelled the appointment and considered myself lucky that I found her post just in the nick of time. I wish you the best of luck in finding a doctor that knows about RSD. Boston would probably be the logical choice for you. It takes two hours to get to my doctor in LA, but it is well worth the ride. Would Boston be too far for you to travel? I'm saying a prayer for you right now.


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