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Michelle, It seems like you know a lot about RSD. I have a question for you. I have read about RSD and hair growth, have you heard of anyone's hair go from straight, bone straight to curly? Also, have you heard of anyone developing facial hair. It's embarrassing to mention, but I want to know if it could be from the RSD. I have had my blood work done recently and my hormone levels are ok, and that is the only thing that I thought would contribute to facial hair. Thank God I am a blonde with fine hair. LOL.

I am so glad to hear that you are back to work and feeling so good. It shows that there is hope if you have the right doctors. I have gone to a new neurologist a couple of weeks ago, and he told me that I had all the symptoms of RDS, but when he examined me, I didn't scream out in pain when he touched my feet, so that confused him. Luckily for me, I was having a good day at the time of the visit. It was later when I could feel everywhere he touched and performed the sensory checks on my numb feet, it hurt very much so. He sent me to a Vascular doctor to check to see if there was anything in that direction which is causing the swelling and discoloration of my feet. I will then return to him when the Vascular doctor has finished with me. He will then do an EMG. I hope that this is the usual form of treatment. With your knowledge, I am hoping that you can give me some answers and my questions may help others also.

My RSD has moved to my fingertips and the palms of my hands are red, like a lot of others have mentioned. I am impatient for my waiting on doctors.

Thank you. Jane

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