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... my palms are turned beet red, right below my picky fingers only, has anyone had this happen and does anyone know what this might be? ... (15 replies)
... Also, have you heard of anyone developing facial hair. It's embarrassing to mention, but I want to know if it could be from the RSD. I have had my blood work done recently and my hormone levels are ok, and that is the only thing that I thought would contribute to facial hair. ... (64 replies)
... Hi Liz, I don't really get blisters on my hands get little red bumps and my hands stay real dry all the time. They'e red and fell real hot to the touch but they're not as red as they were before I started taking Neurontin. In fact, my whole body stays hot to the touch. ... (15 replies)

... I am so sorry that you also suffer from it. My headaches start at the back of my neck and go up the back of head, and are from muscle spasms primarily in my upper trapezius. I take Soma for spasms, and I have started to take one every time I feel the pain starting. ... (15 replies)
... I also have a red palm. Sometimes it's all red, sometimes it's blotchy red and white. My fingers are almost always numb. I have RSD in my right shoulder, my neck and the back of my head. ... (15 replies)
... hi. in my case, i was dxed by my pt and a pain mgmt doc. i went to the pm doc and he took an alcohol swab and tuched my palms of my hands and they turned purple right away. i had the numbness and burning pain all along. my hands are always swollen and bright red. ... (2 replies)
... in normal limited. Worse yet, they can't believe i have symptoms in both hands and then quickly spread to my feet. I have been trying to get help, but no doc seems to be willing to offer me nerve blocks. ... (21 replies)
RSD support
Jun 1, 2007
... Welcome.. I have to say you will get the support here.. Its great.. Everyone knows exactly what you are feeling.. ... (19 replies)
... palms of my hand and fingers are beet red -- why (1 replies)
... Hi Linda, I have the redness, which started in my left foot and traveled almost to the knee, then it went to the right leg. The redness is there pretty much all the time. ... (5 replies)
... of my fingers hurt to touch anything or to be touched. That lasted a couple of months when they, the tips, started to swell and become very firm. ... (51 replies)
... it can happen. People just do not understand. You would think that the one that is the closest to you, would be the one to be most understanding. I know that my husband gets upset with me, although he would deny it to anyone. ... (15 replies)
... I have the same problem...below the pinky finger and up to the wrist. Mine started following trigger thumb surgery. Whenever I use my hand too much, typing or any activity, my palm turns beet red and I get the burn. It's usually accompanied by a shooting pain...up my arm to the elbow... ... (15 replies)
... when i do to much the red spot turn into huge blisters, they look like ive burned them like a third degree burn, they will burn to the touch and all. ... (15 replies)
... Before I was dx'd, my hands would be blood red and burn. I could touch someone and they could feel how hot my hands were. My elbows were also red and hurt real bad. My scalp also was red with itchy bumps over it and it caused me to lose most of my hair. ... (15 replies)
... foot is going to hurt and be really tender and my muscles are going to be a bit tight, tomorrow will probably be even worse. What I did not expect and found no one there to turn to was a full body flair up. ... (14 replies)
... feedback. He said no more nerve block or any invasive procedure. He did not explain why i have symptoms in my hands and arms. Actually, my symptoms have already spread to my feet about a month ago. ... (8 replies)
... ause he could not see the temp change or skin texture change or muscle weakness or dsytrophy, etc although i definately have the dry and wrinkly skin and blocthy red color on my hands and of course the burning and oversensitive palms. I told me my feet are going through the same process. ... (32 replies)
... I can you my story hopefully you will get something out of it... ... (8 replies)
RSD ........
Feb 4, 2001
... for bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. Shortly after having the surgery i began to have a burning, aching, stiffness type of pain in both hands and wrist area. My fingers began to swell and the palms of my hands were red and bluish in color. ... (0 replies)

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