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... on fire. It sucks...I wasn't able to help out at church today because of vehicle situation or able get out bed because had high fever and whole body hurt. I have lupus too so when I overdo it I get double whammy. I'm tryin be grateful right now for what I have instead of what I don't have, but it's not easy. ... (22 replies)
... my arms started hurting.. Can't figure out which one first because had surgery twice on right arm in may and July 2011.. Last one 3 months before RSD pain was noticed in my left knee. ... (22 replies)
RSD and Suboxone
Mar 26, 2013
... ore and more, without doctors knowledge and then would not have enough for next appt. In last year and half taking suboxone the medication still works, though my RSD has got worse if I was taking anything else it would of not been working at all by now. Also for me the lyrica has been a big lifesaver. ... (2 replies)

... years ago, when I was 22, I was diagnosed with RSD in my left foot. I went hiking the week before I graduated from college. ... (3 replies)
RSD World
Jun 7, 2011
... K Lana, I know the thoughts of not be able to go on because of the pain and not having a "normal" life any more. Then I just try to knock those thoughts out of my mind and think of happy thoughts. I just want you to know you are not alone with this struggle. I cry every time I am in a doctor's office, no matter which doctor it is. Please keep us informed about your... (8 replies)
RSD World
Jun 7, 2011
... to discuss SCS on Monday. I did get the confirmation of the connective tissue disorder last Wed and yesterday again with Rheumatologist. Also getting tested for lupus on top of this all. Not too worried about that. I'm just thinking she is being cautious... ... (8 replies)
After RSD.....
Jul 8, 2009
... Second we move on to the aftermath of RSD once diagnosised. ... (3 replies)
... Not only that it helped in my lawsuit big time... As for the treatments.. I went through the same process.. I had the MRI, Catscan, blood work to rule out lupus , arthritis etc, I had thermo testing, EMG, I've had four of them done.. two yrs of PT, blocks.. ... (64 replies)
... Hello, I have had RSD for 4 years, so I believe. After my spinal fusion, it started in my left foot, traveled to my right. ... (31 replies)
... Thank you all, I appologize for my last entry it was the middle of the night and I had a bad day so all that came out of me was whining. I got a call today from the spine specialist and they are now sending me back to the foot specialist to have him order me some imaging tests such as xray, mri or back scan. I was curious as to when someone was... (6 replies)
... ft another supporting joint "disconnected" so I need to have an operation to correct these as well as two other joints that were damaged in the surgeries. But my RSD has not been responsive to any treatments so far. This is why they want to put SCS in. ... (12 replies)
... You are amazing!! Here I am "whining" about this stupid RSD and Lupus junk, and you have survived so much! ... (14 replies)
... ng ago.. Its still so new to you.. Can you imagine how new it is to your family.. Unless they live with you, they will never really get the full affect of what RSD is all about.. My father and brother never ever ask me how I feel.. And you know what? ... (14 replies)
... was actually RSD and NOT in my head! ... (14 replies)
... Then I injured my shoulder, and by the end of that day, RSD set in. I swear it happened that fast. It took a couple weeks for the coldness and some of the other symptoms, but the extreme pain came right away. ... (8 replies)
... Definately no on the ice, ice has been shown to make the RSD symptoms much worse. And speaking of the fair haired blue eyed thing, are you speaking about auto immunes? ... (5 replies)
... This has now been going on for 2 full weeks. Everything just started so suddenly and I am overwhelmed. My rheumatologist has mentioned RSD but will not give me an official diagnosis. I am seeing a neurologist on Thursday. The rheumatologist mentioned seeing a neurosurgeon. ... (6 replies)
... I have been having back problems for some time now and my lupus doc. says it is my disk cause Im getting older.So I have been just suffering the pain and now something shows up in my bones? ... (7 replies)
... So when I went to my Lupus Doctor he was concerned that my foot is still hot. ... (7 replies)
... Hello, 1st of all get rid of the doctor if you haven't already. There is no need to have a dr. that talks to you rudely and treats you as an idiot especially with the condition we are dealing with on a everyday basis. Most doctors don't know a hill of beans about SRDS. 2nd I have abnormal EMG , BUT even if that had come out normal my neurologist told me I definitely... (12 replies)

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