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Re: Felt offended
Aug 13, 2007
YOu poor dear and actually that poor bf. I have to laugh....he doesnt know how to speak with sensitivity BUT he was trying to help. I cant help crack up. my dh and i speak this way with eachother all the time. LOL

Please make sure that the dr. goes through the NORMAL bodily fluids that come out of woman at different times of her cycle.


Ok for instance....During your period you obviously bleed
as it gets closer to 7 days you slow down you might see a brown discharge that smells not so fresh. well that is normal it takes a few days for the odor or creamy white color to go away but by the time it does guess what....

......your body enters the ovulation part of your cycle at around day 14 woman with a normal 28-30 day cycle ovulate. Well a few days gearing up for your ovulation your discharge now a creamy white starts to be very slick and clear, the more water you drink the thinner it gets which of course for woman who are trying to conceive would want that type of discharge which is now called cervical mucus or just mucus.

Some woman get the pain when they ovulate and thus saying that the egg has realeased....if the egg if fertilized then there might be some pain but when the egg isnt fertilized then the discharge becomes creamy white again for about 6 days after ovulation. If the egg is fertilized there might be some implantation bleeding about 4 days or so after ovulation but then the creamy white comes back.

NOW here it comes for the original poster.....

now at around day 20 or so depending on the woman(everyone is very different)...your mucus NOW gets very acidic and doesnt smell or taste very good. It does taste tart or sour for some men and if a woman has oral sex after her boyfriend was inside of her she will know the taste of herself as well. Some say it tastes like vinigar(sour or tart) this is usually when some say that is smells fishy or like a tuna sandwich. LOL

OK so why do we smell or taste sour during this time....well from what i have heard it is because during this time the accidity helps keep the nasties away during this time in case of pregnancy and therefore keeping a nice acidic environment so yeasties dont show up. I really am not sure but it is certainly something you can check for everyday and keep a record of. YOU can ****** tracking monthly cycles and you should find some places that have great tools in keeping track of what you are feeling or smell or taste like or what your mucus looks like.

Please a note to you and your bf, since he was the one who mentioned this....orally stimulating you when you are due for your period isnt a good idea since that is the time we usually smell like that.

Also for everyone, what we eat also has a cause in what we smell like. IF we eat certain foods it will play a huge role in days that our bodies will be acidic. Remember to always eat some yogurt to keep good bacteria inside of us and make sure you drink water always and have some oj or at least cranberry juice. It helps keep bad bacteria at bay.

I sure hope this has helped. I am sure he meant well even though he didnt say it nicely. And to be honest, there really is no way of saying it that we wont feel hurt. YOu would have been offended either way he said it. Trust me ! LOL

Please make sure you go to dr. and get a pap and a culture just in case. Sometimes we just have an overgrowth of stuff and that might be what he got a mouth full and was grossed out by it LOL (cant help laugh if that was the case) but I am sure he is scared that if there is soemthing wrong hten he has it in his mouth too. Please make sure to get checked and him to.

Also if you had a yeast infection and HE is itchy HE MUST ALSO treat himself for a yeast infection too.

Yes jock itch IS A YEAST INFECTION no matter how they want to play it. LOL

good luck dear.

ANd I have to commend your bf for actually speaking up for YOU. HE was concerned and although didnt say it tactfully he had the heart to say it and that goes in the book for being a great guy!

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