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Hi, im new here. Sorry if this post seems kind of redundant. To my relief, I have found several females here that are having the same problem as me. Well here goes:

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 3 years and for about the past year or more, our sex life has gone bad! Well to be honest, it was never spectacular to begin with. I want sex quite frequently, but he doesn't. When we do have sex, it seems like a real chore to him. He gets so tired and looks like he isnt having that great of a time. If I even touch him to caress and love him during sex, he gets annoyed and tells me to stop. He also has a hard time staying hard when we do it, especially when I am on top. We frequently have to stop and I have to give him oral for him to get hard again. When he has masturbated earlier in the day, he wont do it with me at night. Its like he can only come once a day and he is only 25! Its like I have to beg him to have sex with me anymore, and when we do it I regret it because it ends up not being enjoyable at all, for him or I.

Also, we dont kiss anymore. Well, he wont kiss me at least. He says I am bad at kissing and he has showed me several times how am I doing it wrong, and I still dont get it. It's like he has to make kissing into some complicated math problem! I have just given up on that because no matter how I try to kiss him, it's wrong.

I have tried to wear sexy outfits, sexy shoes, sexy hairstyles, everything. None of those even help, he doesnt even say anything when I do any of those things. I try to talk dirty to him and he just ends up laughing or saying I am not acting like myself. When I tell him my fantasies or "naughty" things I would like to do with him he just looks at me funny and says Im not the kind of girl that should be doing those things, only girls in porn should do that kind of stuff he thinks.

Whenever he does oral on me, he gets bored really quick and gives up. He says I take too long to come no matter what he does. I tried explaining to him how to do it as well. To this day, I still have never orgasmed with him.

I took him to a sex shop once to see if we could find anything that would spice things up for us. He just ended up getting really bored and disgusted by everything. He got kind of mad when I bought a little vibrator for myself and he refused to help me pay for it. He said the sex shop is for different kinds of couples, not ones like us.

Also, I dont know if this matters, but whenever we buy things like lube or condoms in the store, he makes me pay for half of it! Maybe im wrong on this, but it just seems the guy should pay for those things. They are inexpensive after all as well.

The thing is, besides sex everything else in our relationship is great. We love to cuddle, he treats me well, we have a great time hanging out together, everything. But when it comes to sex, it is bad.

What is going on?! Im getting so frustrated and I am tired of just having to please myself all the time. I wish he would just be a man and throw me on the bed and talk dirty to me once in a while. I wish he would kiss me as well! What can I do?! :mad:

Also, you can definitely rule out cheating in this situation. Im 100 percent positive that isnt the problem here.

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