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Oral issues...
Nov 10, 2009
Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost a year and when we first got together he would always put his face below my belt line, but when I found out I was pregnant I realized he wasnt doing it anymore. I let it go for a while but recently Ive just needed his face so to say. We have sex all the time and I always give him head because 1 i love it and 2 i know he really likes it, but recently Ive been asking him to put his face there and he keeps telling me no. So out of frustration I lose all feeling of wanting to have sex and the past few nights we've gone to bed pretty irritated with each other. Sometimes I'll just give him head and we wont even have sex because he finishes and it like ok I came so Im done. How do I get him to start going down again. Its the greatest feeling to me and I only think that now that Im pregnant it would be even better. I want to try so hard to spice up our sex life but why should I do everything?:dizzy:

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