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... Hello, So my boyfriend and I have been together for almost 6 months now. We have been having sex once or twice a week at the most for about two months (I only see him on weekends). I really like everything that leads up to sex, and even the start of the penetrative sex feels good. But I just can't orgasm. I also can't bring MYSELF to orgasm with watching or reading... (8 replies)
... but a very beautiful explosion. I feel very fast and strong spasms in my penis that last for several seconds and it's heaven. I just lie there thinking "Oh, yeaaahhhh" and I don't want it to end. ... (9 replies)
... Hi all, hopefully someone here will have a bit of advice for me. Bluntly put, my boyfriend of 2 years orgasms really fast every time we have intercourse. I think the most we have ever gotten was maybe 5 minutes of actual thrusting before he ejaculates. ... (10 replies)

Frequent Orgasms
Aug 21, 2004
... Hi, Wow, two minutes?? I wish I could have an orgasm that long!! The problem I seem to have is that once I get into it, I have an orgasm pretty fast, and it dosen't last very long. And, then once it's over, I loose my desire for quite a while. In fact, I have always kind of felt like, once I orgasm, I just want to get dressed. You would think I was a guy the way I... (6 replies)
Faking orgasms..
Apr 7, 2004
... Is it true in general that women like it hard and fast? Then what do women feel when they are having intercourse if not an orgasm, because making your partner not orgasm is selfish and I would love to please my partner every time. (8 replies)
... He's a quick cummer. With or without oral sex he **** within 5 minutes & then he keeps going until I *** which is usually 15 minutes after. Then, he will stop. I'll give him ten minutes to rest and try to go for seconds but it's unsuccessful. He doesn't do much. I'm always on top, he's very lazy during sex. I'm spontaneous, always new lingerie and new tricks. He's healthy. I'm... (4 replies)
... Sex is a two-person activity. He should be as concerned as are you over the matter. Communication is necessary. Since you naturally lubricate, you guys should'nt have to reach for the lube tube. Spending more time with foreplay and thoughts of the intense love and attraction for each other should definitely help. Guys can control their arousal. You can help by calming him. The... (8 replies)
... For myself personally, my dh must make me orgasm before he penetrates me. Once he penetrates me, its way too late for me to orgasm. Most women do not orgasm from penetration so you are perfectly normal. (8 replies)
... Try new things. Experiment with your partner and find out what you like. Have your partner take time on other erogenous zones like your nipples, thighs, anus, etc. From what I understand, a lot of men will train themselves to ejaculate quickly by developing bad masturbation habits (getting it done as soon as possible so mom won't walk in). Talk to him, gently. Try to not... (8 replies)
... I never had an orgasm until I met my husband. Not even by myself. My husband was my sixth sexual partner. For lots of women, it just takes a while to learn what feels good. -shrug- I would suggest lighting some candles and finding out what makes you tick by yourself, and then teach your boyfriend. And yes, lube can be wonderful. (8 replies)
... Go buy a an egg vibrator. You can hold it on your clitoris while u are having sex. My wife and I have to do that. There are Alot of people in the same boat. Don't worry, its actually fun, and it works. Good luck. (8 replies)
... Hi januaryfrozen, If you can't bring yourself to orgasm, then it's really really unlikely he is going to be able to. It also sounds like you're hoping to have an orgasm from intercourse which is statistically less or not likely to happen (only 10-20% of women orgasm from intercourse alone). I think you should put less focus on the actual intercourse part (which should take... (8 replies)
... hi, yes getting some lube should help you. don't use vaseline. another thing see if you can get him off during foreplay and then again during sex and he should last longer. see if he's for that. especially if he's young. good luck hope this helps. Cathy (8 replies)
... Condoms do cause some of the sensation for the male to be lost, so not using them may be part of the problem with him not lasting. Lubrication should help the pain. You can also try prolonging the foreplay. Best thing though is to talk about this and see if he can delay ejaculation. You may be too focused on orgasm and not enough on just having pleasure. Try different... (8 replies)
... My wife is one sided in her views with regards to everything. She is extremely double standard. Anyway, we have good sex and I am an expert at making her have orgasms in various ways. ... (3 replies)
... am is i doubt she would use it until she was already horny. once in the mood, she needs no help, evan if the month long wait leaves me finishing quick, she still orgasms several times. then she is good for a month. i evan tried the selfish aproach and purposly finished extra fast so she would want it again, didnt work. ... (6 replies)
... efore she's adaquately aroused and ready. Every woman's body is slightly differant and so is the amount of arousal she may need to prepare her body for deep and fast penetration. ... (1 replies)
... everyone orgasms in diff positions mysef found it dificult to orgas with a man but could with a toy the only way i ever had an orgasm with a man was with me on top going for it really hard and fast for 30 mins then and only the i would have one provinding the man could last that long most couldnt (9 replies)
... rried about having an orgasm too quick. Perhaps if he masterbates with the toy vagina he can learn to hold off his orgasm or to regulate them. The fact that he orgasms too fast could also be due to the fact that you dont see each other all the time and maybe he gets too excited during sex and can't hold back his orgasm. ... (5 replies)
... experience. As much as I wish it was possible, sex right after orgasm doesn't feel as as good to me as the first. But for my girlfriend, she can have multiple orgasms as many times as she wants with no ill effects. I sure wish I could do that too!! ... (22 replies)

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