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... As a guy, we often masterbate. However recently, right after I *** my entire body goes numb. Like it has fallen asleep. During this, I lose control of my entire body. While it's not unpleasant, I never hear or read of other dudes experiencing this reaction. I'm not sure if I should be worried, it last roughly only a minute, but I feel like I'm nearly about to pass out during... (0 replies)
... Hi reading your post is very sad, he struggled to have sex with you because of your weight?! He should love you and find you attractive no matter what wright you are! We all including men put on weight over the yesrs, there is something wrong if you have to beg him to kiss you, you need to talk to him otherwis it will drive you crazy you will keep getting upset and it will... (6 replies)
... It sounds like he may have an issue with pornography and masturbation. A lot of people may fight me on this, but it is possible to get addicted to those two things. It can even get to the point where the only way a person can get aroused is by viewing pornography (which would explain why he can view pornography and doesn't have a lot of interest in sex). There is even such a... (6 replies)

... Sounds like he is insecure or uncomfortabile about his sexual ability and H****y at the same time. For him it is probably easier to Mastrabate then ask you. Some times I think we tend to overthink sex.If he does not want to talk, you can't force him I would think we are just wired different have you tried pursuing him more than usual or as my wife would do ask him why he hates... (19 replies)
... I dont know have you talked to him about it force him to talk about it does feel insecure about something cause if i was in his position i would'nt need to masterbate cause it seems ur a understanding woman i am single but ya do need to chat why he needs to masterbate when hes got you unless ya not into that (19 replies)
... maybe spice things up to make him feel wanted and special, wear a sexy outfit or maybe flirt, if he is masterbating ask him if he liked it be sexual...he will think you are into it and he will get turned on. =) BUT most men masterbate. mine does and I dont care cause I still get some. don't feel pushed away or hurt, everyone does it. (4 replies)
... My husband masterbate and I feel abandone cause I am just waiting for him to make love and he always sleep late at night is he avoiding to make love with me or he satified in masterbating rather than make love to me and he always tell me that he don't need me just because he is doing a masterbaqte, explain it to me, cause I don't feel good and it hurts me? (4 replies)
... Nothing wrong at are a man! I am 44 and still masterbate all the time despite having sex as well. I think it is just part of our nature and possibly conditioning since you first experimented with sex. ... (6 replies)
Apr 10, 2009
... Since Men have different requirements.Some men are more addicted to sex than others and in the absence of someone to fullfill their requirements they do what they have been doing since age 10 yrs. This practice continues all of their lives even into old age. (2 replies)
Apr 10, 2009
... what do guys need when they masterbate (2 replies)
... do you have to masterbate (1 replies)
Do men masterbate
Dec 14, 2008
... days out of a week and sometimes he does masterbate in between, usually for a realise, and i also masterbate 3 times a week even though I am having a lot of sex. It's normal for a guy to masterbate and normal for a womam to masterbate as well. ... (5 replies)
... why do guys masterbate when they already have a sex partner (3 replies)
... why do men masterbate (3 replies)
Do men masterbate
Oct 26, 2008
... Men masterbate because they have been since they were boys. It's just how many males start their day! It's how they balance their sex drives. ... (5 replies)
Do men masterbate
Oct 19, 2008
... I would imagine that men and women masterbate for the same reason. ... (5 replies)
Do men masterbate
Oct 13, 2008
... do men masterbate because they are not satisfied with wife (5 replies)
... Speak for your self sweetie :P I have a much higher sex drive than most of the ment i've known and so do most of my friends ...that's a very old fashioned view.....and we all's natural. (15 replies)
... For the same reason(s) women do! Regards, Ex (15 replies)
... The amount of times a guy wants/needs sex is on average more times than majority of women want it. If a guy is constantly after you for sex, every morning and every night and more on the weekends, most women aren't up for it or are busy with other things or don't want sex for whatever other reason. His only option then is to masterbate. I agree, men aren't the only ones... (15 replies)

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