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... I can understand single men masturbating but why if you have a beautiful sexy woman in your bed with you.I wish you the best and may you find a man who can't get enough of you. ... (7 replies)
... I understand if men masterbate every day or even several times a day. But do you have to use pornography to masterbate? ... (4 replies)
... Men and women generally get aroused by different things, women are generally more turned on by descriptions of sex, while men are more aroused by a visual. ... (11 replies)

Jan 9, 2006
... You need to ask him this question. Many men would get tired of doing it all the time, but if you can't have intercourse as often as you would like, then it beats not getting off at all. ... (4 replies)
... After that cruel remark, I would find it hard to even stay with him. You can get the tummy tuck. It can do wonders. I would think with three children, you might have better things to do with your money though. (25 replies)
... months. He is very into internet porn which i had no idea about. I am struggling with this and he says it is no big deal. He says that masterbating is easier than the "real"thing, so thats why he does it. I say that is adultry because he is giving something of himself that he should be giving his wife. ... (25 replies)
... It's not as though ONLY men masterbate. Why do women masterbate? ... (48 replies)
... my whole life i was told that masterbating was a bad thing to do so maybe that is why i have a hard time with this. ... (48 replies)
... e understanding why he needes to do this when he can have sex anytime he wants it. we have a great sex life we are very much happy. my whole life i was told that masterbating was a bad thing to do so maybe that is why i have a hard time with this. ... (48 replies)
... Do any of u have some good masterbating techniques for men cause I'm runnin out of ideas and it is getting to the point of not being fun anymore. Have any thing that will perk me up? ... (5 replies)
... Personally, I find it causes more harm than good, and even though masterbating is normal, that our generation does it excessively and that we have been socially conditioned to think that the amount of porn men watch today is acceptable. ... (15 replies)
... Why stress over it? (4 replies)
... Maybe you could watch it together? (4 replies)
... Instead of pornography, he should be using a picture of you! Also you shouldn't have to be nude in the picture! (4 replies)
... No, it is not...The answers to this question will be as unique as each person who answers it. Every man masturbates differently, using different stimuli. If your man's using pornography bothers you, I would address it to him...and see if you can't come up with a compromise that feels right to both of you. (4 replies)
... maybe spice things up to make him feel wanted and special, wear a sexy outfit or maybe flirt, if he is masterbating ask him if he liked it be sexual...he will think you are into it and he will get turned on. ... (4 replies)
... his lack of ejcaulation during intercourse but it's his problem, not yours. It's now his place to "learn" how to respond to a womans body. He needs to back off masterbating and you need to withhold oral sex to completion until he can ejaculate on his own thru intercourse. ... (1 replies)
... I have completely had enough of this situation. I know it is normal for men to masterbate, that's fine, but it makes me very angry because a. i don't get enough sex b. the sex isn't very good c. he lies about it d. ... (4 replies)
... You have to remember that men start masterbating when they begin puberty, so this becomes a trusty old friend to many men, that is guaranteed to "work" every time. ... (21 replies)
... an addiction is a strong word. for porn to be an addiction he has to be ignoring his wife sexually to watch porn, or avoiding social gatherings, or ignorong the kids, or skipping work to watch porn.. Just because he likes to watch it and wont give it up because his wife doesn't like it does not an addiction make. one you dont know if its constant. you dont know if it... (14 replies)

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