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... The vast majority of men who masturbate in addition to having sex, are perfectly happy with their sex lives with their wives. The same goes for the ladies. ... (4 replies)
Men who masturbate
Feb 19, 2009
... No, not as far as masturbation is concerned. But masturbation should not be excessive (more than twice a day) and should ideally be done in combination with sexual relationships with a partner. (7 replies)
Men who masturbate
Jan 24, 2009
... Nothing wrong with you or unusual about your "hobby". Almost every guy (and most women) do it. Don't worry. (7 replies)

Men who masturbate
Jan 24, 2009
... It seems to be a popular activity. (7 replies)
Men who masturbate
Jan 24, 2009
... I love to masterbate, is there anything wrong with me? (7 replies)
... I'm so sorry goldenbronzer, and rosequarz, and all women who have been affected by this. Men do not get it, and women who've not been affected by their partners obsession with porn this do not get it, but this distroys a persons self esteem. ... (19 replies)
... I have completely had enough of this situation. I know it is normal for men to masterbate, that's fine, but it makes me very angry because a. i don't get enough sex b. the sex isn't very good c. he lies about it d. ... (4 replies)
... You have to understand that a guy's first strong love was his penis; which he has been enraptured with long before any wife or girl friend. Nature has made it manditory for a guy to practise sex which he does from an early age by masturbation. The fact he now has new obligations doesn't cancel out the old and deep learning. Sex carries with it a whole series of... (5 replies)
... Yet another thought. Many of us older guys can remember back when it was fashionable for gals to play impossible to have pre-marital sex with and our young male hormones about drove us crazy for relief. So masturbation was the only outlet and became a habit virtually impossible to break. Yet another thought. There are guys who choose to remain faithful and... (15 replies)
... I had a higher sex drive than any of the 5 women who I have slept with in my life. However, I have heard some women complain that the boyfriend only wants sex 3 or 4 times a day and it is not enough. ... (15 replies)
... It's a natural instinct. It feels good. Men aren't the only ones who do it... women do as well. ... (15 replies)
... I would have to agree with redsoxgirl. Bringing up your past sexual life and verbally telling her that you want something similar to what you once had will make your wife feel guilty. Changing your daily routine in little ways so that you still feel like husband and wife is a much better idea. I don't know much about the illness your wife is suffering and how much of the... (7 replies)
... It is disheartening the first time you catch your guy out doing this type of thing, but if it's not an addiction and he is only doing it during the need to self masterbate and he treats you well and is caring, loving and considers your needs during sex, has time for you, then i'd say you dont have a thing to worry about. ... (36 replies)
... I dont think that all men have to control their urges to mate with many. I think there are some men out there who have morals and dont feel the need to have sex with different women. ... (32 replies)
... Men and Porn are a natural thing. Evolution has placed in men a natural urge to mate often and with many. ... (32 replies)
... It's very natural (I hope) and there may be a number or reasons sometimes. I go thru times when I masterbate 3 times a day (yes sometimes at work) and times when I don't for weeks. Sometimes it just to relieve stress ect. other times it just because you feel alittle naughty. My GF loves to hear about my particular times and also get excited to find them out which raises... (48 replies)
... It's not as though ONLY men masterbate. Why do women masterbate? ... (48 replies)
... I don't like to masterbate that often because each successive time decreases the sensation. ... (48 replies)
... I am married to a man who likes to have sex 2 to 3 times a day (we have four children) and he still masterbates 3 or 4 times a day (if not more given the chance). He's sneaky about it and does it at work too. Is this normal? (48 replies)
... There is nothing pathological, immoral, or unclean about it. In fact, it's the safest, cleanest sex you can have. No matter who you're having sex with, with another person there is always always a chance, no matter how small, that they can give you a disease that can kill you. ... (48 replies)

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