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... a baby isn't going to fix this, and by you saying all you care about is a baby and once you get what you want you will treat your husband bad because he deserves it, is showing how truly messed up and selfish that you are. ... (10 replies)
... I've been depressed for over a year now, not that I admitted I needed help until a month or so ago but I'm trying and I am getting better. ... (2 replies)
... hours of laying in bed thinking about what I wish I could say. The problem I've been having is that I see my wife as a selfish lover. I've more or less accepted my lot in life though. ... (1 replies)

... Sorry, but he sounds like a selfish lover and partner. He seems only to be concerned with what he wants and maybe I'm reading too much into your post but I see it almost as though he's dominating you in the relationship as well as in bed. ... (7 replies)
What should I do??
Dec 16, 2008
... It is only quick and mechanical at her behest. I am more than happy to have sex for hours on end, multiple times a day. I am the furthest thing from a selfish lover and am willing to spend all day pleasuring her in every way possible. ... (15 replies)
... saying may well be true.. It would be good to hear the other side.. I'm usually of the belief that it does take two to make something break down like that but if what he says is true, than she at least needs to come clean with him and give her true reasons as to why shes lost interest. ... (15 replies)
... BUT....I will agree that she is not selfish, maybe confused, just isn't turned on to her husband anymore for some reason... ... (15 replies)
... So now....the guy is unhappy that his wife won't perform Oral sex on him... ... (15 replies)
... Most guys do NEED sex..You can call it lovemaking or whatever..Its just semantics with words. Of course sex is better with the one you are in love with but to call it specificly "lovemaking" sounds like something you're saying to make yourself happy. ... (15 replies)
... Hmmm....That's really sad on your part. And it's not right for her to do that. Her body belongs to you and yours belongs to her. That's what happens when you get married. I would just tell her flat out that she is being selfish. Confront her about it. Everything you told us, tell her. ... (15 replies)
... My wife has turned into a very selfish lover. Almost every lovemaking session is the same...I perform oral sex on her until she orgasms, then intercourse. ... (15 replies)
... Okay....I'm very frustrated. I have been dating this girl for about five months....sexually active for four of them. I dont know if this is relevant but I am 28 and she is 20. Now since the first time we had sex, we've only had sex three more times. Everytime I go for it....I get shot down. ... (4 replies)
... This thread was in the Sexual Health for Men's Board. I gave you a possible answer. Certainly that was not enough. ... (6 replies)
Why Is It Wrong?
Mar 13, 2008
... what makes this wrong, is that most of this kind of behavior leads to cheating. you are cheating in your head, and it's human nature that your thoughts will eventually lead to action. ... (11 replies)
***Selfish Sex***
Aug 16, 2005
... My husband was a very selfish lover also. I always had to approach him. He wanted tons of foreplay just for him or wanted to be serviced. ... (14 replies)
Is it me?
Jul 7, 2005
... after a while. ... (10 replies)
... This posts pretty much says it all. We're all different. To some women, penis size is an issue. Obviously this can exist in the practical sense if a man is too large for her to take without enduring pain. ... (68 replies)
... onse was exactly with keeping with the post's problem. Being Selfish, and as you mentioned in your post she was being selfish, and some of us responded that she is not being selfish, and not to say the husband doesn't have a valid reason for his thoughts. Some of us... ... (15 replies)
... there is deffinetly something wrong here. ... (15 replies)
... It's wonderful that my fiance tells me I'm beautiful and sexy to him and how much he loves me but If I'm not feeling sexy no matter what he says to me helps. It's not his fault, but I'm working on myself to feel sexy again. ... (15 replies)

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