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I have a red itchy rash on my back (mostly lower) and chest (just under breasts), although it is now starting to spread to the back of thinghs. It is characterized by small, red lumps under the skin, which itch excessively. Skin in affected area is also slightly, just slightly, sensitive to the touch.

Currently on cortisteroid cream 0.02% prescribed by my GP, previously have used calamine lotion. Both these treatments settle the itch a little but do nothing in the way of making it go away. I believe the 0.02 % is actually making it worse, previously was using 0.01% cortisteroid I bought over the counter.

GP has mentioned Grovers disease but as the lumps are not blister like I have my doubts.
I should also mention I also have a PMR type disease which affects my wrists, forearms, elbows and neck but has lately also started to affect my rib area on my back. I have been treating it with prednisone for about 2-3 months starting on 15mg but now sown to 10mg as my GP now thinks it is not PMR.

Initially I thought the rash a side effect of prednisone but my GP says no...
Difficult to take GPs serious, they just seem to take a guess and say 'try this'.
Anyway, any ideas? I'm about ready for the padded room with this itch..

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