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Please please help me as I am being driven insane
I itch constantly.

My skin feels like there's crawling on it. I keep finding little spots which are like bites. I have used premetherin lotion 3 times thinking it's some type of body lice or scabies but it is not. I washed everything on a boil wash and cleaned my full home and car 3 times but it comes straight back. The lotion only stops it itching whilst it's on.

Where they bite me, sometimes there's a tiny black dot like a bug borrowed into my skin. If I scratch around the bug the skin looks bruised, almost like a love bite.

When I apply the lotion lots of tiny black dots appear on me which look abit like Tiny pieces of black stubble. I think they are under my skin and the lotion makes them appear above, but there must be something deeper in my skin or they must live off the body as I cannot get rid of the infestation.

In addition I find in my bed tiny black dots that look like pieces of fluff, and also other pod like fluff things which are the shape and size of a grain of rice, but they are black and fluffy almost like a pod where eggs hatch or something.

This is driving me mad, does anyone specifically know what this is please. I'm going insane itching. They are even in my scalp but don't seem to be needing to attach to hairs!?

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