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Very strange stuff going on here!

About 3 weeks ago I woke up with what I thought were two bug bites on my neck. They were red and a little swollen. The swelling went away quickly to be replaced by two scaly and still a little red spots.

Well, I woke up with the exact same two spots swollen and really red this morning. They don't hurt but are a little itchy and hurt when scratched.

What are the odds that I've been bitten in these two spots on two seperate occasions? And why do they go all scaly and dry afterward? I've never had anything like this. The spots are really red and when people see them, they say it looks like I've been bitten by a vampire since the two spots are the right width apart and spaced perfectly like a vampire bite. Really weird.

Of course, I know I haven't been bitten by a vampire. Not that they don't exsist, it's just that I hang garlic over my windows. :)

Thanks for the help,

~Arymes :angel:

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