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I get these sore lumps on my head, the soreness goes away and than the itching starts. Feels like crusty areas but I have no dandruff that I am aware of. I am using t-gel shampoo and that seems to help as long as I keep using it.

I started getting a rash in the crease behind my left ear, feels crusty and itchy but is not red, than started getting bumps, more flesh colored, on my forhead and eyebrows that itch, they are not red, but the tips them feel crusty and hard.It looks lke little pins holes in the center of these lumps, maybe from scratching.
I went to the my husband Dr. with him, he took a look at my face and said it is seborrea, yet everything I read says red scaley spots. I tried lotrimin, cleared up the ear but not the forehead, topicort but that burned my face, now I will try the hydrocortisone.CAn you have seborrhea without rednes?

Any help would be appreciated. I have this for 2 months, actually started soon after going into PT for a pinched cervical nerve.

Thanks to anyone that has any help, Linda

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