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Hello everyone,
Let me start by saying that these tiny red spots that turn brown over time is no joke at all.

They [COLOR="Red"][/COLOR]
baby bed bug bites...yes Bed bugs !! I always thought it was just a saying "don't let the bed bugs bite" but it is true. My husband and I stay in Atlantic City and brought a few bugs home with us, after looking up what kind of bug it was in our suit freaked me out. I searched the house for weeks and look up online for signs but couldn't find any signs in our bed that we had any. I was loosing my mind over this whole gross thing. I was not ichy but I started getting little tiny red spots on me, my son, and my husband...I looked online to find no one really knew what they were. Then I found a bed bug in our bed ..
I called terminx to find they were bed bugs...Gross I feel like I have been invaded in my own home I can't sleep thinking of these little things sucking my blood at night. Well we are three weeks in treatment of our home( this can take up to a year) I went crazy through out new beds ect.. I now sleep on a blow up bed so they cant hide in my bed( they hide in your mattress til night) If you have tiny red pin dots on your skin or even have raises ichy bites ( the ichy ones come from the adult bed bugs and these bites ich for weeks) more than likely you have been sucked on by a bed bug...please check your home. I am told that bed bugs have come back after so many many years, and that most hotels have them and you just bring them home from a hotel or someone brings them to your home. The baby bed bugs look like poppie seeds you dont even see their legs or even see them crawl , but you know what they are when you kill them they leave a black smear. Please lets all be aware so that I never ever get these things again. My house has always been super clean you can eat off my floors ... not only dirty people can get these !!! I have never ever felt so grossed out in my life I spend me days steaming and cleaning over and over to end this problem. Good luck

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