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[QUOTE=joannaforever;3940850]x-posted to acne

ive had this weird skin problem that has been developing over the years. it started when i was 15 on my arms like little white dots and sometimes black dots and i would pick at them, they would come out like regular pimples on the face. whiteheads and blackheads. eventually they spread from my arms to my chest and now they're all over my chest, arms and sometimes back. they look like clogged pores, but lots of them and some of them are pus filled pimples. not red nor inflamed. it's disgusting and embarrassing, i can't wear tshirts or low cut shirts and i've been to many skin doctors. they all tell me it's the same thing, acne and they prescribe medicated creams and even antibiotics but nothing works. i tend to pick at my skin so it makes it worse. some of the whiteheads are forming scars and brown patches of skin where the scarring is occurring. they're not soft pimples, but hard and sometimes they form bigger pimples that if i pick at will bleed and leave marks afterwards. they seem to spread quickly too. i've been tested for allergies and i;ve had routine blood tests, nothing is wrong. i do have hypothyroidism and an allergy to ragweed but that's all i can think of. i'm slightly overweight but i havent had a doctor tell me that's the problem too. i dont know what to do and i'm really shameful of my skin, i want it to be smooth and pimple free... any ideas, suggestions, thoughts?

ps one doctor told me this was the way my skin was and it'd always be like this! i couldn't even believe her![/QUOTE]

hello i know what exactly what this is...its not acne and its not how you skin was made.. it is actually an i have not found exactly what but what i know is to stay away from flour based product like bread, tortilla, chips, pasta, well you anything wheat...i first fount this our when i went on the atkins diet when i noticed that they have completely dissapeared....they came back later when i broke the diet...but it would take weeks or months to turn back like how the rashes were....i would suggest for you the south beach is much simpler and easy to do....also one more tip is that you can try sun bathing...doing this for me did hide and somehow improved them...

quick side note...wheat based product still affect you

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