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This started in late Sept/early Oct last year. I first noticed my 3 yr old had a few red bumps on her stomach. Then they went away after a couple days. Soon enough, me, my husband and 12 yr old had them on our backs, stomach, chest, some appear on our legs, rarely on feet, never on hands, my dd thought she had one on her face once. They stick around for a few days itching like hell and then go away only to reappear somewhere else days later. We thought they were bed bugs or something. No evidence of ANY bug, spider, what have you. I have had an exterminator confirm no bed bugs. I have also had exterminators look for nests to rule out bat or mice mites. No nests. We have been treated for scabies by our family physician. Helped for about 2 weeks. Then they were back. I went to a dermotolgist that specializes in skin parasites. He thought maybe mites, either bat or mice, but he thought it was weird they only appear under our clothing. I decided to treat it like body lice. We bagged almost EVERYTHING, clothes, towels, etc and put them outside in freezing weather for 3 weeks. We washed everything we wore immediately and bedding everyday. We shampooed the carpets (for the 3rd time in 3 months). We put a lice shampoo on our bodies. This helped for awhile. But whenever I would go to the gym I would get one bump under my sports bra. After 3 months of almost no problems, we got em again. We got them especially bad after one hot night of no air conditioning in our home. It is definitely linked to sweat. I did some research and went back to the family doc to see if it is a bacterial folliculitis. She said bacterial folliculitis is not contagious (contrary to what I have read..)but she will treat me for it and see if it helps and if so, will treat the entire family. I have pics of the bumps if anyone has experienced this maybe you can enlighten me. They are mosquito bite size sometimes bigger, terribly itchy and red. Sometimes have pustules. If the medication the doc gave me doesnt help they are to do a skin biopsy and look for microorganisms... She wondered in there was something in our water pipes.. could this be possible? Just looking for any insight, maybe we are missing something.... Our doc is not the sharpest tool in the shed, I have had issues with her misdiagnosing me before (like a pulled muscle when I really had a terrible kidney infection!!)
A little more info here: we do have cats and they were checked for fleas and chytellia (sp?) mites.... nothing there. We have also been to our chiropractor who practices a combo of chiropractic and kinesiology and developed his own line of herbal supplements. We were all on high doses of supplements because he said it is a parasite effecting the liver. It didnt get better. I am considering going back and getting more and staying on the supps for longer but it cost well over $200 the last time we went. If I knew it would help I would pay any amount, I just dont want to throw money away anymore on this. We have spent thousands on prescriptions, exterminators, laundry additives, gas bill (due to upping the temp on our water heater for the laundry), all natural solutions that claim to get rid of mites, allergen covers for mattresses & pillows, vent cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc etc etc.

And so that is about it. It seems to be a mystery to everyone, but if I can find ANYONE that is experiencing this or HAS experienced it, I would be eternally grateful for any support
Hi, Don't waste money on supplements. (I'm not saying supplements don't help people, but you need to know what you have first, and really research the specific supplement.)
Maybe you should get a referral to a dermatologist. What have you been tested for-- have you been tested for Staph? Get copies of your families lab work, see what the cultures say. If you do test positive for a bacteria, like Staphylococcus, your pets should be treated too.
It's hard to guess what's causing this, without knowing what your doctor has tested for.
But if she hasn't drained any of the pustules and ordered cultures... get that done, and then switch doctors, LOL.
Well, I ended up taking the antibiotics for folliculitis only to experience a weird hemmorhoid and then my daughter had mucus in her stool. When I looked this up, I found that internal parasites cause this. I went back to our chiropractor/naturopath and he again said we have parasites effecting the liver and we got tons of supplements. Again this stuff is super expensive so I gave the youngest ones the supplements and me my oldest daughter and husband are taking wormwood, black walnut hull and cloves tincture along with Diatomacious Earth and we were taking MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution). We didnt experience any bumps after about a week of taking this stuff. Then we went off the MMS and supplements (with parasites they will hide when you start killing them so you have to give them a chance to re-emerge) for a week and we all got bumps back. Now we are back on just the supps (along with DE, we never stopped taking that) and we are all getting bumps here and there. I think the MMS really really helped so we are going to get back on it. ALthough it is pretty gross tasting. It is hard to get my youngest ones to take it too. Anyway, I hope the MMS will wipe it out. I just wish i knew where this came from so we could avoid reinfection! Any further thoughts appreciated.Thanks!
One thing in response to your question, we have been to a dermotologist, we have had a culture... Nothing was found.
My family is having the exactly the same problem! Random, itchy, red spots, usually under our clothes. Wondering if you have found the cause and if it has gone away for good. thanks in advance!!

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