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I can feel tiny bumps on my lower back right up my around my spine. I can't really see them in the mirror. Boyfriend says there's a bunch of tiny bumps. They itch like crazy. I've been looking around on the web and ran into a site where everyone had been itching and itching for years and doctors had no clue - it would start in one body part & spread - and now I'm itching more than ever. Anyone have any ideas? I think I'm going to try benedryl. I already got some cortizone10 - over the counter 1% hydrocortisone creme which does very little. I want to take a brillo pad and just gouge my lower back... it is so itchy. I have never had allergies to anything. I'm female, 52, caucasian, and itchy. I noticed the bumps two days ago. I can feel them but can't see them very well. Before that I noticed slight itching every now & then. Now I'm itching beserkly. I don't know how many bumps there are. 100? 50? Something like that. They are tiny & close together.

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