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... hey come in a variety of sizes as they progress through their life stages and the small ones are hardly visible to the naked eye, fairly clear in colour and flat like paper, the big ones on the other hand tend to be brown but the same shape. When they have had a fill of your blood they will appear red and round. ... (2 replies)
... Well, eventually the swelling went down and I thought they were going to go away. But recently now the spots were the were have become very dry and cracked. There is no itchy or inflammation anymore, but I am curious as to what this could be? ... (0 replies)
Rash on feet
Mar 5, 2008
... I am a 63 year old woman whose skin is naturally aging. I like to blame everything on menopause, but I don't know about the rash that has started on my feet. It is red and itchy, and spreads. ... (1 replies)

... What kind of blotches and dots? size/shape/place on body? Are they palpable or raised (can you see or feel them like a bite or mole)? Do they blanch under pressure(example - if the spots are on a forearm and you were to roll a clear glass across them would they turn white or do they stay coloured)? Do they have well defined edges? Do the dots look like a felt-tipped pen... (1 replies)
Dec 5, 2007
... My spots are a little smaller than a bite you said flea bite or bed bug bite size...but my husband doesn't have them...and we share a bed....and bugs tend to like him more than me. Let me know if you find anything out. ... (3 replies)
Skin issues.
Nov 9, 2007
... they're like little spots .. kinda like a mosquito bite but where the bite would be there is dry kinda flaky skin. itches a little bit. ... (0 replies)
... Hi blessedwith2. I am sorry your son has a rash. It is always good to get photos of any rashes. It is important documentation. Place something near the rash, like a coin or ruler, before photographing to give it size definition. ... (3 replies)
... it went away by the end of the day then would come back the following day..endless cycle..went to gp doc and he sent me to a rumy specialist. this doc didnt act like the rash was an issue or that it was making my joints in my fingers swell up and hurt.. ... (6 replies)
... some of them pretty bad. Last Thursday I walked through a spiderweb and Friday morning I awoke with this terrible itchy rash on my neck. I don't see a specific bite that looks like it could be from the web so it may be a coincidence. I'm going to the derm tomorrow, but I wonder if I should go to an allergist instead. ... (0 replies)
... A week ago I had several red spots on my back that itched. Now I have what look like pimples with white heads all on my back. Does anyone know what to do or what could have caused this. A number of the red spots are small with no white dot. ... (0 replies)
... It like when little kids lick all around their mouths and dry it out and it becomes red. It also goes past the lips to the area surrounding the mouth. ... (198 replies)
... Because it's always two spots next to each other, I'm thinking spider bite or something with pinchers? ... (2 replies)
Nov 16, 2002
... ring worm looks like an "0" JUST a bumpy red outline with clear in the middle. ... (4 replies)
... I have extremely itchy lumps (sores now) on my elbow (3 spots) my other elbow lol (1 spot) a couple on my right leg and my feet. Thay started out looking like heat lumps (hives) and one on my inner thigh was a huge bruise (like a love bite type briuse in a perfect circle and swollen). They are hot and are all slightly swollen and the itching is intense. I thought they were... (2 replies)
Jun 18, 2002
... it starts like a mosquito bite, turns into a scab, then with medicine it dies down. ... (1 replies)

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