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... What causes a blackening of skin around the eyes? ... (0 replies)
... The disorder you have is probably Acanthosis Nigricans. You can find plenty of information about it on the web. You should visit a dermatologist first just to make sure that is what it is. I like you am part indian. My father is from India. I'm not quite sure if this has something to do with what I have though. I was never told that it had anything to do with it. I have... (9 replies)
... that are darkening. Those areas can get dark and I have heard that to lighten them back up, sometimes all it takes is some gentle exfoliating to sluff off dead skin and rejuvenate the live skin that is underneath it. ... (9 replies)

... it may be symptomatic of something completely non related to skin diseases, so in that case I dont know what good a site like this would do. ... (9 replies)
... I'm healthy in all other aspects but its this skin that is making me annoyed, and I'm doing exercises to reduce my body weight but it would be helpful if anyone can suggest some ways of speeding up the process. ... (9 replies)
... and i thought i was the only one having this terrible problem:confused: i have dark inner thighs and ginetals and a dark shadow in my underarms, im kinda overweight, so i like the cutting sugar solution, or the idea of losing weight in general, my wedding is in Dec, and im going through a diet and exercise plan to lose weight, i exfoliate my inner thighs and underarms every... (9 replies)
... Sounds like it could be melasma, I have it under control with a natural skincare formula from an ebook I purchased on line, secrets skincare companies and dermatologists don't want you to know. I follow the directions for the melasma solution and make a batch once a month. Works great!! (9 replies)
... It must be because of a Insulin Resistance. the underlying problem should be addressed first. (9 replies)
Irritated Scrotum
Jul 22, 2007
... My husband had something similar, however, his skin was slightly blackening, rather than reddening. ... (2 replies)
... thanks ma'am will sitck to what i say and when i do my screening i'll let u know thanks again. (9 replies)
... Eating rice should be fine. Like I said, Just maintain a healthy diet. Just stay away from refined sugars. & get screened for diabetes as soon as you can. (9 replies)
... DIABETIES oh god now that BAD news, i'll stay away from soda and sugar, i usually drink fresh juices made by my mum is that fine? and in india the main course of food is RICE wich is rich in starch so what should i do about that? sorry to pester you but u know.... (9 replies)
... Well I still eat sugar, just not nearly as much as I use to. I cut back alot on drinking soda though. I drink alot of water. It's ok to drink fruit juices as long as they are 100% real fruit juice and not from concentrate and make sure they don't have a high fructose corn syrup in them. That's just pure sugar and it's terrible for you! Just eat your regular daily allowence... (9 replies)
... Thank u thank u thank u I LOVE YOU oh god u dont know how much u helped me, would u mind if i put up some questions? u mean sugar in the sense coke/pepsi,fruitjuices,chocolates,rice? all this? that is i should avoid sugar completely? or is it just direct sugar that i shouldnt take? if u can please tell me ur diet plan in accordance with the sugar? again u dont know... (9 replies)
... hey guys thanks u don't know how good i feel now, i went to that site but couldn't find anything regarding my problem. a friend of my told me people who are having a hot body will have these problems than their cold body counterparts is this true? ya i'll try that exfoliating stuff and let u know how good it is guys. i feel so... (9 replies)
... Does anyone know what should be done for skin "blackening" on the forearm? ... (0 replies)

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