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... Today, this afternoon I noticed I have redness on my chest. ... (0 replies)
... male, in good health. I don't get sick easily. Now the reason im on here, I have a light redness with small bumps all over my chest. ... (0 replies)
... Hello. I'm female 30 yo. This morning I noticed the redness near armpits.It is very itchy and brings discomfort. After some time, the redness has spread to the chest and below. Any suggestions, please? ... (0 replies)

... consists of several pushups a day. I'm just a few days into it, and last night did a particularly difficult set that really worked out my chest. This morning, My chest was all red. ... (0 replies)
Rash on chest
Oct 10, 2007
... I have a rash on my chest right underneath where the clavicles come together at the center, that I noticed a couple of weeks ago.. It slightly red, bumpy, scaly and slightly itchy... ... (1 replies)
... ok well i have redness on my upper chest, upper arms and occasionally my face and usually it has bumps too and this is if i am having an allergic reaction to something. ... (1 replies)
... sels. I am sure neither of which are true. I asked a pharmacist he thought it could be something like prickly heat. This bumps are generally small and vary in redness over the course of the day. The bigger one's are scaly with dry skin type stuff over them. They developed very fast and I have no idea what they are. ... (3 replies)
... Man! i can't believe i found others with this condition too, extreme itching with no rash, only when i am about to sweat, my body temp. rises, my pores begin to open and i get a intense itch, once my sweat really begins (if i keep workn through the itch) it no longer itches and i'm good to go, but at work in high intensity situations where i just have increased temp and the... (25 replies)
... (25 replies)
... I get really hot with red blotchy spots all over my chest and neck. ... (2 replies)
... Tinea Versicolor: Definition A chronic fungal infection of the skin. Alternative Names Pityriasis versicolor Causes, incidence, and risk factors Tinea versicolor is a relatively common skin infection caused by the fungus (yeast) Pityrosporum orbiculare. This fungus is considered part of the normal flora on human skin (the microorganisms that are normally... (25 replies)
... I've noticed this lately over the past 3 or 4 years. During the summer months, I am fine. However, once it starts to get colder such as it is now, I tend to itch all over really badly. The weird thing is, is that it doesn't itch all the time. It only itches when I get hot (heater running, working out, sweating, etc). My head, shoulders, chest, and thighs will itch really... (25 replies)
... Hi, everyone! New here. I have redness on the back of my arms, and neckline...very distracting. doesn't have bumps or dry skin, just red like a permanent sunburn. Any ideas? ... (0 replies)
... the acne went away like 2 years ago, but the redness in my face, chest, and arms are still present, however slowly fading. ... (0 replies)
Splotchy redness
Mar 26, 2002
... more than just a blush. It can be very embarassing and I'm especially concerned about an upcoming wedding I'm in because the bridemaid's dress is strapless so my redness will show for sure. ... (2 replies)
... I have really rough skin on my face, front side of my neck, ears (in and behind), chest, and shoulders. It's like little white plugs are in my pores and/or hair follicles (they're not black heads or white heads). I can't squeeze anything out, but I can gently pull a little bit of it out with a tweezers. At first started on my left cheekbone a few years ago and then eventually... (1 replies)
Apr 30, 2015
... Have keloids on back, and chest about 1 inch and less in size and about 13 or so. ... (0 replies)
... had been so bad in that October I treated myself with Palmers Cocoa Butter Cream to ease it and wonderfully enough it really reduce the itchiness along with the redness of my skin, the hive like spots on my private area had reduced a small amount but still there. ... (3 replies)
... Hi everyone. I honestly didn't know what would be the best board to post this on.. I had really bad acne when I was around 15-16, which caused a lot of acne scars on my chest. One of these scars was like a 'bump' that did seem tender off and on over a course of about 15 years or so (it was always there) and I never really noticed any major changes with size or anything like... (0 replies)
... cond is still fairly open, red, and has a yellow center. I know the "problem" one was a bit deeper but I'm worried... it hurts but there's no pus or drainage, no redness around it, not hot, ect. I'm a serious worry wart so I've washed it with antibacterial soap once a day and applied antibiotic ointment with a bandaid. ... (0 replies)

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