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Always itchy
Nov 25, 2009
... Hi I'm new to this board. I suffer from daily itching all over my body but i dont get a rash. ... (2 replies)
REALLY itchy legs!
Feb 21, 2009
... the best thing to do is after you take a bath or shower, IMMEDIATELY moisturize your entire body. Put lotion everywhere to seal the water from the shower into your skin. If you're lazy for even one day, you will go nuts. ... (7 replies)
... I have them, I got them about a week ago. they are spreading rapidly, they now cover my entire body including my face, they are barely noticeable till itched. Once itched they look like misquote bites. ... (0 replies)

... extremely itchy rash all over his body. ... (0 replies)
... I hope someone can help me with this problem. For about the last 2 months, everytime I shower and after I dry, my legs itch like crazy! It's not my entire body....just my legs. I have switched my laundry soap to a mild detergent without any fragrance, etc. ... (2 replies)
... days later these red itchy bumps came under both armpits. It has been 40 days since I did that and still not better. Used Lotrimin powder for weeks the entire bottle and didn't do anything but keep dry which makes me think not fungal. ... (0 replies)
... About 7 years ago i started getting really REALLY itchy patches of SOMETHING on my ankles, on one of my calf's and on my elbows. It went away after using creams etc. but only from my elbows. ... (0 replies)
... have never posted here ,but wanted to share a bit of info with you. My grandson had recently moved in with my husband and I .He has had a rash and scales on his entire body . Was diagnosed with scabies and treated on three different occasions .WE almost cleaned our selves to death . ... (0 replies)
Rash all over skin
May 10, 2011
... For about a year and a half now I've had this rash that spreads across my entire body. My skin gets super dry and i get these tiny red bumps just about EVERYWHERE, except my face. Even my scalp will sometimes get them. ... (2 replies)
Full body eczema.
Jun 28, 2010
... Hi everyone. I'm 27 years old, male and I've had full body eczema for my entire life pretty much. ... (12 replies)
... My 6 yr. old has been suffering with a chronic rash for almost 2 months now. It began with a blister by his mouth, and now has a rash covering has entire body, though it is most prominent on his back, chest, neck, and butt. ... (0 replies)
... Around July 25th, while on tour with my band I started having itchy skin. There was no real visible rash or bumps, but certain areas of my skin would itch. The areas weren't centrally located. ... (2 replies)
... alizes in skin parasites. He thought maybe mites, either bat or mice, but he thought it was weird they only appear under our clothing. I decided to treat it like body lice. We bagged almost EVERYTHING, clothes, towels, etc and put them outside in freezing weather for 3 weeks. ... (5 replies)
... these small little clear bumps that when broken from itching become even more unbearable. When they do start to heal they will get a yellowsh crusty scab and the entire area is redish. All of a sudden my leg will itch sooooo bad that I will dig until I bleed and tear off the entire area where it was getting better. ... (3 replies)
... Hi there My name is Jim (37 y/o)and I too get hives (mostly on the face, rarely on the body) after not eating anything after 7-8 hours or more. This has gone on for years and I have not been able to figure out the trigger. I do know it's not due to a specific food because it can happen any time of day and I have monitored what I eat and it never seems to be the same... (2 replies)
... for 2 years now I have been getting severely debilitating hives when I don't eat anything for 5 to 8 hours. When I say severely debilitating I mean I don't get itchy but rather my skin is on fire and I physically can not do anything except sit on the floor or if I am home during an attack taking a super hot shower helps. ... (2 replies)
... allergist,thinking that she had developed an allergy to something. The allergist said that she had scabbies and prescribed a lotion that she needed to cover her entire body with. ... (0 replies)
... In May, my ds began having an itchy papular rash. At first, we thought it might be poison ivy. Dh was sure of it. It went away once or twice only to recur adding additional body parts. ... (0 replies)
... Really no idea, sounds like it could be hives. They have a tendancy to move around the body though, but not always. ... (5 replies)
Alcohol rash
Jun 19, 2007
... This happen twice to me, I went drinking with friends and afterwards i got a rash over my entire body and it was pretty itchy, is there any advice anyone can give me to stop the rash and the itching or explain what is happening? ... (0 replies)

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