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... I know this sounds gross, but I have a big purpleish pimple on my pubic area. I've had ingrown hairs before and tried to treat it like that by squeezing it. ... (0 replies)
... I'm 17 and i have a pimple looking bump on my sack but it feels hard and under the skin is it a pimple or ingrown hair? ... (0 replies)
... The lady that cuts my hair said that they look like ingrown hairs. ... (0 replies)

... I have the same Problem. It all started in my senior year of highschool. i barely got any facial hair, and i never had pimple, zit issues. Throughout highschool i was happy with my baby face. Senior year came and i started seeing some issues. 3 years later my face gets reddish long after a shave, Razor Bumps take over my chin and neck area, and my skin irritates me... (25 replies)
... As far as a pimple under your breast, it sounds like that's what it could be. If it doesn't go away, or becomes larger, it may be a cyst forming. Could be an ingrown hair also. I have a daughter who had this on the top of her breast. Keep it clean, use an anti bacterial ointment and keep an eye on it. ... (6 replies)
Ingrown eyelash?
Jul 2, 2007
... Are ingrown eyelashes common? ... (2 replies)
... so i keep getting these ingrown hairs on my chin... ... (25 replies)
... For several months i have experienced ingrown hairs in just about the same spot every time--about 2 inches below my belly button (in my "happy trail" area). It'll start off looking like the beginning of a pimple. It's very much like a pimple, in fact. Its red and starts to fill with a little white pus after a couple days. I try to leave it alone, but usually end up popping... (3 replies)
... I had this bump in my chest that has now surfaced and grown into a rather large, very painful red pimple. When it started, there was a visible hole or pore at the top of the bump. It is in a cluster of hair. My question is, now it is very painful and it is so thick, I can feel much more of it underneath the skin. Is this something I should attempt to pop on my own or... (4 replies)
Bump on lip
Dec 5, 2003
... I have this bump on my lip, well its under my nose, not exactly on the lip... its hard and i think it might be an ingrown pimple... anyone have any ideas on what it could be? ... (5 replies)
... Hi guys, My boyfried has really short hair and often gets what appears to be ingrown hairs in his scalp. They sometimes appear like a pimple and can be popped. I often pluck the hairs that are in the red bump and squeeze them for him. I think it may be from him wearing a hat. ... (1 replies)
... It sounds like you have an ingrown hair curled under the skin. It needs to be removed or will continue to grow and fester like a big pimple. ... (1 replies)
... For the last week or so, I had a small pimple on the upperside of my shaft, near the base of my penis. The pimple had a black center, and I figured it was an ingrown hair or blackhead. Yesterday, I picked at it a little, and it came out of place, then I used tweezers to remove it. A very tiny amount of bleeding. ... (1 replies)
Help me!
May 8, 2011
... when i squeeze them, they give a little solid white pimple like fluid, then bleed like crazy! Then they turn into a bigger, red, gross little rash circle. ... (0 replies)
... Just let it heal up and see what it looks like in a month or could be just some sort of ingrown hair/pimple or something like that. I wouldn't be concerned unless it doesn't heal then I would go to the dermatologist. (1 replies)
... I have a few pimple looking dots on my pubic region before the shaft, not on my testicles. look kinda like ingrown hairs. i popped them just blood and what seemed to be water came out. Ive been active with one girl. im 17. ... (1 replies)
... that was a month ago and it is still there. he's said he's had it for a while but never really cared or thought much of it and for some reason he thinks it's an ingrown hair. ... (3 replies)
... hey there about a two months ago i started to get small pimple type things on from my upper thighs to my knees, they look like ingrown hairs and seem to be at the base of hairs, just seems strange as ive never had them before, any ideas what they are or why they started thanks in advance, john (3 replies)
... to a head after a couple days and the one above my penis grew to about the same size as the first one. so i got concerned. thinking they might have been boils or ingrown hairs, i put a hot compress on a few times for a few days and nothing changed still. ... (1 replies)
... e of the skin in that area though, it appeared more smooth than the surrounding skin. It had a dark spot near the center, and I figured it was something like an ingrown hair. After a lot of home treatment, such as trying to dig something out with a sterilized needle, I went to a dermatologist. ... (4 replies)

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