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... This has been happening for a while. The first time it was over much of my body, including my armpits, back, and lower legs - you could see it, it was like white and pink though I do not recall any bumps. It was so bad I'd literally scratch my armpits with my razor when I shaved! Anyway that seemed to go away for the most part as Spring came about. That was years ago. Then... (0 replies)
Itchy rash
May 31, 2007
... I've never suffered from eczema or any skin allergies, but recently I've had really itchy patches on my skin. It's like insect bites cos when I scratch any area there is nothing there, but then one bump will raise as if I've been bitten. ... (2 replies)
... rt coming out, i just mention it cuz it might be relevant, and its only spreading downwards from her shoulder to her butt area... and today it is starting to get itchy in the upper part where it is not painful anymore... ... (5 replies)

Very Itchy Rash
Apr 18, 2007
... I have had this rash for about 4 weeks now it and it is really getting annoying. I will break out sometimes into blotchy red intensely itchy rash. After sitting for a long while I will get it on the lower buttock and back of my thighs. ... (1 replies)
Dry skin!
Nov 29, 2006
... on my arms, legs, abdomen, lower back, back of shoulders, mine started of red and still are on my legs, now they are dry and itchy at times, but not as bad as they were. I see a Dermatologist in December, the Doctors think it is Tinea Versicolor, but it doesn't look like the pics. ... (2 replies)
... It doesn't protrude out and it's like a neear perfect circle. At times but not all the time it will itch like crazy. I have another one on my lower back that is also circular, brown in color and itchy at times. It's also been there for around the same length of time as the first one I mentioned. ... (4 replies)
Bites on my body?
Jul 29, 2006
... i've got about eight on my legs, a couple on my lower back, a couple on my feet and one on my arm. i'm not sure what they're caused from, but they're horrible. any thoughts? ... (5 replies)
Legs are itchy
May 19, 2006
... I've been dealing with this fun for over a year now. At random times, my legs will start to itch like crazy, and it's almost always just my lower legs. I try to stop scratching at the skin, but it drives me crazy when I ignore it. ... (2 replies)
Lower Leg Problems
Apr 16, 2006
... The skin on my shins and inside lower legs is very problematic anymore. ... (2 replies)
... I have two areas of irritated skin. The first patch in under my chin, around the neck area and is about the size of a cup. The skin seems slighly red, sometimes itchy and rough. The other patch, which is about the same size, is on my lower back. In other words, very hard to reach. It is the same in description. ... (0 replies)
... particulary on my lower back and stomach..... oh, and my shoulders too. They get really red, itchy, and if I scratch them they seem to get even more inflamed. ... (1 replies)
... Hello all. I just don't know what to do. 2 days ago I suddenly developed a very very itchy rash on my upper back, shoulders, chest, and throat. ... (2 replies)
... This weird little rash comes back again and again. It's mainly on the inside of my thumb, and somewhat on the lower inside part of my index finger. Anyone else have this? ... (1 replies)
Itching all over
Mar 5, 2005
... ay for about 20 mins. After about 4 months I got a job and decided to stop for the few months that I had it. The day I finished though, I decided to get straight back into my previous routine and I worked out that evening as I had before. Once I finished though, I broke out in a rash which I never had prior to that. ... (5 replies)
... Hi everyone, I wanted to share with you what I have been doing lately to help with the dry, itchy skin. Minnesota's cold weather is slowly creeping upon us here but the last 2 weeks the itchy, dry skin has started. ... (1 replies)
Lichen planus
Jan 15, 2004
... topped bumps that may be very itchy. They can be anywhere on the body, but seem to favor the inside of the wrists and ankles. The disease can also occur on the lower back, neck, legs, genitals, and in rare cases, the scalp and nails. Thick patches may occur, especially on the shins. Blisters are rare. ... (7 replies)
... I was itchy one night and was itching it. The following morning, I woke up and felt red bumps in the exact spot that I was itching. ... (2 replies)
Skin rash
Aug 5, 2001
... What I have is extremely itchy, like poison ivy, appears in mass on my lower back and chest, and sparsely on arms, wrists, butt, waistline, neck, and thighs. ... (2 replies)
Big brown rash
Aug 26, 2015
... I have a big brown rash on my lower left back, like 1/3 of my back, the skin is brown, it has pimples and it is itchy (1 replies)
... Hi, A couple months ago I started noticing red itchy "dots"/formations on the *inside* of my lower arms, which would sometimes form a straight line or a "gash" (between the wrist and the elbow). They appear and disappear within 15 min., come and go extremely fast, and they are prickly and itchy, but strictly under the surface (no blisters or lesions). This really started in... (0 replies)

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