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... they said that if it got too large, they could shave the mole off. ... (7 replies)
... Stop scratching it off. Moles aren't just growths on the surface of your skin, they have sort of a root (although if it's on your nose, it's probably a pretty shallow mole). If you want to get rid of it, see a dermatologist. In the meantime, leave it alone and let it heal. To help it be less crusty as it heals, stick a dab of antibiotic ointment on it and cover it with a... (1 replies)
Mole Removal (ACV)
Nov 27, 2008
... I recently used Apple Cider Vinegar on a mole of mine on my hand, which scabbed up and revealed a "crater" like hole, which eventually healed. ... (0 replies)

Mole removal
Dec 17, 2007
... hape of an almond around the mole, then applies sutures within the grain of the skin, in its own natural lines. So I'm not sure about getting it deeper into the root because he is cutting it entirely out and then stitching it all up. A plastic surgeon is doing it so I hope it will be great. ... (4 replies)
... The problem with this is that you will not be getting deep enough to get the root. It will come back. I've ripped a couple moles off my body before and they come back, not to mention it left a scar and bleed a lot. I tried researching ways to remove moles surgically myself because I didn't want to go to the doc for this. I tried to obtain the lidocaine with epinephrine to... (1 replies)
... Plus, I truly do not believe that there is any way to remove a mole by any other means than excision or scraping. I read in another post there is something called punch something. ... (2 replies)
... I had two cysts removed from my face, by the outter left eye. I also had a mole removed from the other side of my face on my cheek, all the same day. The procedure was scary, especially numbing around my eye area for the cysts. ... (0 replies)
... If you have a mole completely removed, it's not supposed to grow back in that area. ... (2 replies)
... I am trying the slice of garlic method I discovered on this site a few weeks ago. Hey it works! I put scotch tape on the skin area around the mole to protect it from burning. I sliced the galic clove and placed a piece a little larger than my mole on top of the mole. ... (3 replies)
... Most times when a mole is removed, it is sent to a lab and tested to make sure that it is negative for any skin diseases. Without insurance, I don't know what they will do. ... (3 replies)
Those nasty moles
Aug 22, 2006
... I was one of them and I had no results with the home remedies. I tried castor oil and baking soda, garlic, and other stuff...i think it was some kinda root powder mixed with glycerin, also a paste that I had read would make it go away. I never tried the MWV or the other removal product that you can order online. ... (9 replies)
... About 18 months ago, I saw a dermatologist for an itchy mole on my arm. He removed it and I asked him about the white spot, which was still there. A few more, smaller ones had also shown up, around my face. ... (2 replies)
No more moles!
Apr 26, 2005
... am readily awaiting all the negative feedback on this question but I I'm gonna ask it. What if I were to clean, sterilize and carefully SHAVE off my mole OR shave off SOME of the mole. It is sorta like getting a head start on it... ... (196 replies)
No more moles!
Apr 23, 2005
... t instructions say not to treat more than one mole at a time so you don't overwork your immune system and I think everyone should keep that in mind no matter which method you choose. ... (196 replies)
No more moles!
Apr 8, 2005
... im doing a smallish raised mole on the face doing it 2 nights so far, seems to be slightly smaller , last night i scratched it so bad it started bleeding, i think ill be able to rip it out! ... (196 replies)
No more moles!
Mar 8, 2005
... Did you scratch the mole prior to the first application? ... (196 replies)
No more moles!
Feb 24, 2005
... Hi shellim, I use a piece of garlic that's about the same size as the mole I'm trying to remove. ... (196 replies)
Those darn moles
Jul 15, 2004
... I accidentaly scraped off one of them, and underneath this brown stuff was present, and I figured this was the mole growing back. Then I looked under the others that I had done and the same was happening, so I kinda panicked and tried to get all of the brown stuff out of each. ... (488 replies)
Those darn moles
Jun 20, 2004
... My mole on my face was skin colour to start with and the circumferance of a pencil eraser and raised. ... (488 replies)
Those darn moles
Jun 5, 2004
... Also, somebody else also recently asked about Wart Mole Vanish. I have tried that myself and the results are definately less painful and much lower maintenance. ... (488 replies)

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