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Weird mole
Jul 29, 2015
... The Dr was quick about it and said he'd excise it at my next appt on the 13th and then send the results off. I'm relived it's finally being excised. I've never had a mole excision before so am a bit nervous! ... (6 replies)
... like rash running from below my belly button to just under my left pec. There is a second smaller such rash next to the main one. ... (0 replies)
... not drinking alcohol at all for a few days, I have found that my face goes red for a few days for some reason unknown to me before turning back to normal for the next few days before again turning red for the next few days and this cycle is repeated as such. ... (0 replies)

... My next appointment is a month away and still haven't found answers . Could this be scabies or crabs ? ... (0 replies)
... onut oil, and Vitamin e oil. I started taking a hair, skin and nail multivitamin, as well as vitamin e and a B complex supplement. Any suggestions on what to try next would be greatly appreciated! ... (4 replies)
... About a week ago I woke up and went to brush the hair from my face, in doing so I brushed against my forehead and felt that tell-tale would-be pimple pain. Knowing it is always better to get at it before it actually becomes a full blown pimple, I immediately got up and washed my face with a very gentle cleanser, then used a hot compress on the area where I felt the pain (dead... (0 replies)
... Results from the biopsy today: Lichen Planus. Wow it's great to have an answer, but terrible because there's no cure and they don't know how I got it. However, my mom was diagnosed with cancer in 2012 and passed away in 2013 which created so much stress that it was possibly triggered by those events. It is believed to be an autoimmune disease. I have an appointment on... (9 replies)
... hen I looked in the mirror I noticed a weird small cluster of fluid filled bumps under my elbow. I put some cream on them and covered them with a bandaid and the next day they are still painful, red and burning now. Does anyone know what this could be? ... (1 replies)
Super oily nose!
Jun 1, 2015
... my nose.. and some on my forehead. Sometimes when I eat really really healthy the spots clear up but after I eat 1 some french fries , pizza etc. I break out the next morning..... ... (0 replies)
... shirt and changed to tank tops. I went once to a different gym and noticed the rash the next evening. ... (0 replies)
... grows the fastest, followed in order by the next two. ... (0 replies)
... grows the fastest, followed in order by the next two. ... (0 replies)
... Sounds like you are having a reaction to the glasses if it only happens where they touch your skin. Are they metal or plastic? Unfortuantely, without seeing a dermatologist, you arent going to be able to buy anything strong enough over the counter to clear this up- or find out if this is what is causing it. Try using some over the counter anti itch cream. SOmething like... (2 replies)
... I was much more thorough and knowledgeable the last time I tried to post this, but unfortunately I had closed the window, where I wrote all those paragraphs. Moving forward I have a question that I hope can be answered. I found what had seemed to be a blackhead located approximately to the left of my fiance's L2 on her back. The granule extracted was deep beneath the skin... (0 replies)
... for years and haven't changed skincare products at all lately. Two days ago I noticed my face went hot and the next morning when washing my face I noticed it felt rough and bumpy. What could have triggered this? ... (2 replies)
... histamine that seems to have next to no effect. ... (4 replies)
... urns a bit when I scratch it. Please help me with some kind of idea of what it could be and when do I consider this serious. We are going out of country in the next few weeks for at least a month and do not want to be dealing with it in a different country. Thanks for your input. ... (1 replies)
... Several weeks ago I slept on a bed in a remote cabin where I had to brush the mouse turds off the bed before sleeping. The very next day I developed an itchy, red rash with very small bumps on two parts of my body that were in contact with the bare mattress during the night. ... (2 replies)
... In 2011 I developed a bad habit of biting that part of my lips during the winter, as the skin was dry and chapped. This habit continued over the next winter. During the winter of 2013 I tried hard to stop biting, and was mostly successful, but by this point I was getting calluses on that spot. ... (1 replies)
... First of all you must have picked it up from a contaminated surface somewhere to get it (assuming it is mrsa which can survive on surfaces for up to several weeks AFAIK) CA MRSA A Another way to get is to be treated in a hospital and picked it up somehow HA MRSA So be aware you could be reinfecting your self. Carry hand sanitizer everywhere and use it religiously. Clean... (2 replies)

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