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... All of us staff have had these bright red dots on our arms and wondered what the heck it was! ... (2 replies)
... Hi, for 3 years now I've had these small flat red dots on my forearms, there are one or two dotted around other areas of my body too like my upper arms and chest, but most are on my forearms, especially my left forearm. ... (2 replies)
... I am hoping someone can solve this mystery for me... Right before I start my period, I get red marks or streaks on the back of my upper right arm and my upper right back. They don't just looks sorta like someone wrote on me with a red marker. They fade soon after my period. ... (0 replies)

... ndering if any of you know what in the world is happening to me. Whenever I do some physical activity, that requires me to use my muscles in my arms, I get these red streaks all over my shoulders. They look like scratch marks. Also I bowl a lot. I am right handed so I throw the ball with the right hand and arm. ... (2 replies)
... is this normal. this is scaring me. i don't think i have a keloid scar cause its not raised or anything. its just a simple red mark from a wound or cut. ... (2 replies)
... Started noticing them on my neck first. First only 1 about the size of a penny then a day later another one about 2 inches away. They were red and itchy at first. ... (0 replies)
... I too have had the same type of ? marks ? on my arm. Two red spots about 1-.5 inches apart, with what looked like a hole in the middle. Swore they spider bites, yet I never experienced any symptoms. They remained for about 4-5 days, then were gone. (4 replies)
... free moisturiser and calamine lotion. Virtually all of them, except the bee propolis salve, drove me nuts and flared my skin up. I then got put on some prednisone about a month ago and finished it about a week ago. The rash is returning. ... (0 replies)
... and wondered what it was, nothings happened since, i thought I had just scratched myself or something, well the last few days where it was has gone red and raised up and a little sore, with those 2 little dots on the sides of the spot... ... (2 replies)
... I am uninsured, it takes a lot for me to go to the doctor. After almost a week of a rash on the tops of my thighs, knees and left forearm, that was to the point of bleeding from itching I went to the doctor. ... (1 replies)
... rks one on the back of my leg a couple on my arm top and under side on both arms, i dont seem to have any on my chest or any other areas like last time, they are red and dry, im going on holiday on the 10th of march and im worrying that they wont be gone by then thats if it is pityriasis rosea, is there anything i can do. ... (1 replies)
Red bumps
Jun 15, 2006
... I have small red bumps that have been appearing on my body in random spots. They look like pimples without the white tip, except they itch. Its not rash like, sometimes just one or two at a time. ... (2 replies)
... just slice it off. It will leave a shinny scar that can be covered with makeup. If it is a flat mole, they can burn it off. It will leave a shinny, possibly red scar. No matter what kind of treatment, it will leave a scar. You cannot remove anything or cut without scarring the skin. ... (2 replies)
... OK, i have a few skin rashes, bumps etc on my body, none of them are sore or hurt, they just sit there. ... (1 replies)
Underarm rash
May 6, 2013
... is it still itchy? possibly yeast? (1 replies)
Underarm rash
May 4, 2013
... About 2 months ago I had this severe itching in my underarm instead of putting cream on it I just kept scratching, finally put hydrocortisone cream on the area the itching stopped. A few weeks later I noticed I have 3 what looks like scratch marks in the crease of my underarm where I had the itching. ... (1 replies)
... Around July 25th, while on tour with my band I started having itchy skin. There was no real visible rash or bumps, but certain areas of my skin would itch. ... (2 replies)
My strange skin
Feb 19, 2008
... Hi there everybody! i've just joined this forums to see if anybody has any clue on my problem, but let me get to explaining. ... (3 replies)
Those darn moles
Nov 7, 2004
... Aid section work wonders. You have to keep them on for a month or two, however. ... (488 replies)
... My friend has strawberry birthmarks on her back. She showed them to at one time when we were discussing birthmarks. ... (0 replies)

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