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... I have these tan, asymmetrical blotches on the center of my back. They are always visible/present, but get darker/redder after I sweat or take a hot shower. I have had these blotches for almost a year. From time to time, smaller ones appear on the front of my torso where my skin folds together when I sit. Those fade over time. The blotches are ALWAYS itchy. I think it might be... (0 replies)
... Hi, recently I've woken up with these small itchy red bumps on my legs. Throughout the day, these bumps decrease in size a lot but always seem to appear worse every morning. ... (0 replies)
... I have had very itchy, VERY red armpits, and excessive sweating for a few months now. ... (0 replies)

... Maybe hives? Physical allergies are those provoked by a physical cause: heat, cold, pressure, exercise, sweating, sunlight, water, etc. It's also called Exercise Urticaria. (the real cause of exercise/sweating hives is the rise in body temperature, for some reason it causes an allergic like response) (1 replies)
... why do i feel itchy when i am sweating (1 replies)
... Hey guys signed up to this forum because this problem has been effecting me for a while now. The problem is that whenever i need to sweat, be that because of exercise /sport/ geting nervous my skin will not sweat effectivley, i will get all these red dots all over my arms and neck/chest area. How ever my face is the worst when doing sport, it gets all red and blotchy and i... (0 replies)
... I also have thes symptoms but tiny blisters. I looked it up on ****** and found its DISHIDROTIC DERMATITIS.Look it up, im sure thats what you have!!!!!!!! (3 replies)
... (3 replies)
... why does my face and chest get red and itchy when i sweat? ... (0 replies)
... A couple of years ago I started getting small blisters on my hands and feet. They start out small and flat, and I can see my pores filling up with clear fluid, then a few days later it will start to itch like crazy and that makes the blisters get bigger and become raised. The more I scratch, they pop, and then it spreads. The blisters then dry up and peel off, and start over... (3 replies)
... Dry skin causes this feeling, I take a lot of hot showers so my skin becomes dry in the winter time and so if I start sweating right afterwards it'll feel like needles poking at my body. ... (8 replies)
... and I am a "hand washer". I stupidly assumed that because I washed my hands so much....that this was the cause of the itchy palms. I thought about the soap, the lotions, etc....all of the things I'm sure you have gone through a thousand times. ... (19 replies)
... Everytime I start sweating whether it be from exercising or eating spicy foods, I start feeling an intense itch in areas like my scalp, chest, and back. ... (0 replies)
... For a couple of years now I have had a problem that I become very itchy after shower, when I sweat or sometimes when it gets really cold out and I have to walk a long distance. I use dove soap, and I never use fabric softner. ... (4 replies)
... it could be eczema.. i get it sometimes too.. its an on and off thing and somnetimes it can just flare up.. its usually caused by exercising or sweating.. and by heat/cold (37 replies)
... I Really feel that the cause is toxins that cant exscape when we dump them in our bodies and dont get them out by sweating once in a while and drinking water to cleanse ourselves. ... (37 replies)
... My skin used to hurt terrible after showering or sweating. It itched and felt as if there needles diggin into my skin. My mom is a waitress, and one day at work she was talking to a customor about how I felt. She said "in the old days" they would test for animea
... Hiya tr, If the you see the doctor and he diagnosis the condition as the one I found in the research I did, then surely there must be treatment for it (I would have thought so anyway). Also, the latex gloves you wear, can't you get any with a powder inside that stops the sweating? I know I have used this type and I think they will be ideal for you with this condition. ... (8 replies)
... Hello mg and tr, I am not medically trained but hope I can help in some way I have just noticed your posts and thought I'd make a suggestion. My friend had the same problem as you both have and I researched into it for her. The name I came up with was Dyshidrotic Eczema. I know eczema does not seem to be like this but if you look into it you will find the symptoms you... (8 replies)
... Well, That's enough to scare anyone, but it sounds like sebhorric dermatitis to me. I understand not wanting to use the creams from the doctor because some of them are not good for your skin in the long term. I'm in the same boat as I don't know what to use. I went looking for jojoba but I thought there was a cream when there wasn't. The worst time for me is after doing any... (5 replies)

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