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I don't think it is a horrible strike you down thing. Your subconscious is working out an urge. My husband will start in on me in his sleep and doesn't wake til he is ready to finish up.. some of his best work there.. but that is for another board I am sure..

However what you are describing is an actual sleep disorder. It normally manifests as sleep walking or talking, but you are being a bit more creative. Look into somnambulism, it is characterized by walking or other physical activities during sleep! I would call your act.. a physical activity, wouldn't you? Sleepwalking/talking/ running/jumping cleaning/playing etc.. is most common in children –- up to 15 percent of children have had this problem -- but can occur at any age. In children, it can be associated with sleep deprivation (Mine was chronic sleep cleaning after the age of 8 due to severe sleep apnea. I would do lingering dishes, laundry, vacuum at 3 am (parents loved that one) and occasionally slip out and run in the horse pasture behind our house) or anxiety. It isn't as common with adults, it is more commonly associated with other medical disorders (sleep apnea/sleep deprivation), medication use, or anxiety or depressive disorders.

I do not think you are depressed, but you might be feeling a bit anxious or on a new medication. Look at the sleep hygiene post it might help you get a more restful sleep.. and look into the signs and symptoms of sleep apnea the most common sleep disorder of them all.

MG :)

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