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Hey. Im 18 years old, and i finished school. I dont have a job, and not going to college soon, so i have the whole day for myself. I am struggling with my sleep times. I feel that every hour i "spend" on sleep is taken away from me and never going to come back. I dedicate alot of my time to practice guitar, so i want to wake up as soon as possible. Problem is that i tried to set my clock to hours such as 8am, 9am(i go to sleep at 23:30, cant sleep before that hour) but as i got up and started to read or to play guitar, i had only 30 mins of practice before i just nodded on my head on the chair like a dashboard doll. I try to fight it, but eventually if i try to "Wake myself" early(even by 1 hour!) ill have to sleep later at the day.

What should i do? Ive read somewhere that the things we do before we go to sleep affect us greatly - what kind of things? Maybe being im on my way to be physically adult i need 10 hours of sleep a day? I dont have problems jumping out of the bed the second i wake - just that the tireness that creeps on my afterwards is unbearable.

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