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Jumping awake
Feb 8, 2002
In November I started not sleeping but only the odd night. Just as I was about to go off I would jump awake as if I had had a fright. This would happen about 5 or 6 times then my body would not let me sleep at all. My whole body would start twitching, from my feet to my face the worse being my throat. I have read from this site that many of you have or do suffer from this. My doc sent me to a neurologist who said it was anxiety. I was put on anxiety meds and sleeping pills also cipramil (anti depressant). The only thing I fought against taking was the sleeping pills because they are addictive so only took them when I was desperate. My doc said the anti depressant would make things worse before I got better (a thought I could hardly stand)and I did get worse. I thought there would be no end to the misery.
I am now 7 weeks on and have been able to come of the sleeping pills a long time ago as I started to get the odd few hours sleep. Then I stopped the anxiety tabs and have only ever been on a low dose of anti depressant. I feel a new person!! I thought I would never get to this point as I have never been so ill.
My reason for writing is that I read from many of you about not taking meds I realise that sleeping pills long term is not the answer but as for anti depressants I dont see it as a problem or stigma. IT IS A CHEMICAL IMBALANCE IN YOUR BRAIN.This imbalance needs to be put right and fighting it wont help. They are not addictive so at least give them a try but realise that you may get WORSE before you get better.
I now look forward to my bed and dont look at it like a torture chamber or as it has been said here cant even stand looking at the bed when you go in the room.
Good luck to you all in your search for sleep

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