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... ic and a lung Dr. I saw the Dr and he set me up an apt at the sleep clinic at a hospital where I stay over night. The problem is my insurance will not pay for it as my deductible is very high and has to be met before they pay for this. the cost for one night in the sleep study clinic is 2,400.00 and I need to go 2 nights. ... (6 replies)
... Thanks for the feedback. The manufacturer also said that the 10' hose should supply the same therapy as the 6' hose. ... (9 replies)
... I am writing from personal experience and because sleep disorders are so overlooked in not only adults, but children as well. ADD and ADHD is a common miss diagnosis for one of the prevalent symptoms in children suffering from sleep apnea and extreme sleep deprivation. ... (5 replies)

Sleep Paralysis
Jun 24, 2007
... Tactile Physical and tactile sensations occur as well. These rank second in intensity of mental disturbance after the visuals. ... (10 replies)
... a rainbow type effect over a waterfall at the base of a mountain. As I looked out at this I was overwhelmed with a beautiful feeling of euphoria running through me. ... (17 replies)
... initially it began as a strong feeling of what i can only describe as a 'current running' through me. it's as if my nerve endings were all getting sensitised at the same time. the first time this happened i was asleep. ... (17 replies)
What in the...?
May 22, 2007
... Okay, this may get long and complicated so I'll try to simplfy as much as I can. ... (6 replies)
Dreaming ALOT!
Apr 25, 2007
... As far as much of your brain is concerned, your dream is real. So adrenaline and other stress hormones in your system will be active in the body. ... (3 replies)
Dreaming too much
Apr 25, 2007
... As far as much of your brain is concerned, your dream is real. So adrenaline and other stress hormones in your system will be active in the body. ... (1 replies)
... I am back. Been out with my child with our second pass around flu epidemic. At least this last time wasn't as bad as the one we had over christmas.. but it was the same flu. My son loves to share all his illnesses with his parents. I guess he doesn't want us to feel excluded. ... (11 replies)
Cannot fall asleep
Mar 12, 2007
... chance the child with have it.. my son didn't stand a chance with both parents having sleep apnea. Sleep apnea in children can be diagnosed as early as six months and treated as well. ... (11 replies)
... Yes, up at night to urinate is not usual. I was getting up 4 times a night to go to the bathroom but my bladder was never full. My doctor recognized this as a symptom of a sleeping problem because the body becomes "paralyzed" in deep stages of sleep and there is no need to empty the bladder. ... (9 replies)
... Certain fragrances, such as lavender, might help. ... (11 replies)
Strange Feeling
Dec 14, 2006
... inquire if anyone knows anything about it, or if anyone has ever heard of this. I do not want to see replies about marijuana use, and please read it to the end, as you will see that this experience is not directly related to marijuana. ... (1 replies)
... carbohydrate snacks, such as crackers, pretzels, or a plain bagel, are good bedtime snacks. Pair with turkey also containing tryptophan. ... (1 replies)
... I have been seeing a psychologist for anxiety and also slight depression but since i have taken medication i sleep even worse and actually feel worse than before as i look so tired and my skin is starting to look worse which brings me down. ... (0 replies)
... Just as I suspected, you either have an anxiety disorder or are caffeine sensitive. How long have you been driking coffee...has this always happened driking it? ... (12 replies)
Jul 24, 2006
... caused by different factors. One I know is some very specific food additives and preservatives, not sugar, like some doctors thing and this is often misdiagnosed as low blood sugar. ... (1 replies)
... am. I get about 5.5 hours of sleep a night, sometimes a little less, because my 2 year old and 4 year old get up about as early as they can, and I need to take my 4 year old to school. ... (3 replies)
Sleep paralysis
May 4, 2006
... In college, when the buzzing didn't occur as often, on one episode I looked at the figure and wondered if it was me. Its shape was like mine. broad shoulders, short neck, round head. ... (4 replies)

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