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... I suffer from excessive dreaming during sleep and nightmares all night long. My sleep is very fragmented. ... (0 replies)
... Hi, does anyone here experience excessive dreaming and do they seem life like and detailed? ... (7 replies)
... I have seen a lot a postings on dreaming and nightmares, so I thought this might be helpful to some. ... (0 replies)

Excessive Dreaming
May 23, 2011
... i recently started taking 1000 mcg of vitamin B12. i've noticed since that, i've started vividly dreaming every night. i don't get good sleep, because i am constantly being woken up by my dreams, it feels like i don't go into a deep sleep, just a dream state.... ... (0 replies)
... during the mornings and perhaps something to do with my dreaming.I read the other post and noticed a mention of hypnogogic hallucinations,I have had episodes of dreaming and have found myself in my room looking for something,even turn my light on but I wake up and realize it is only a dream and go back to bed. ... (7 replies)
... I have vivid and excessive dreams. It seems that when I wake up, I constantly feel like I was doing stuff all night and my dreams are as clear as day. They are so vivid. ... (6 replies)
... Hi All! This is my first ever post. I have suffered from fatigue for a long time and I'm started to think it is due to me feeling like I dream all night. I have no trouble getting to sleep and when I go to sleep I feel like I'm on my travels all night so I wake up exhausted so much so I feel more awake when I'm a sleep? I wake pretty often through the night due to the dreams... (0 replies)
... d sleep paralysis, where I know I'm still dreaming, I'm aware enough to know that I'm in my bed, but I can't move a muscle or speak. For example, one time I was dreaming I was on a bus and I looked up at the front of the bus and noticed the bus driver was asleep at the wheel. ... (8 replies)
... Sleep disorders are tricky and often past over in favor of treating the symptoms. Only way you can truely get it checked out is to do a sleep study. I hope you get your answers soon. Best of luck. Sincerely, MG (7 replies)
... Just called my doctors office and told them I would like to have a sleep study done, they told me to stop by this afternoon and pick up the request forms to take to the hospital so I can register and schedule a date to do it, so that's good news.Thanks for all your advice!! (7 replies)
... They will help you on that they are open 24 hours normally. You go in at 8 pm and normally are herded out no later than 8 am. They only need six hours of sleep for data during this time... They let you piddle after you are hooked up to the sleep monitor. The turn out the lights btwn 10-11 pm and then they watch you while you sleep or do not sleep through the ekg readings... (7 replies)
... Hi, a local MD prescribed the Elavil,I will make an appt with him this week to maybe get a referrel to a sleep specialist,that may very well be my problem.I forgot to ask, what if I cant go to sleep during the sleep study? (7 replies)
... I am thinking hypopnea based sleep apnea. Sleep meds will make things worse as well as an irregular sleep schedule. The longer you sleep with hypopnea the lower the blood oxygenation gets due to your shallow breathing.. causing sleep deprivations and all those wonderful side effects you are noting. Who prescribed your sleep medicine? Sleep meds and hypopnea/apnea do... (7 replies)
... You might want to read this post. REM is important and essential for brain restoration. Studies show humans spend more time in REM after learning difficult material and interfering with REM can disrupt memory for newly learned information. This is where the staying up all night before exams alter memory retention,... (7 replies)
... mg. it was the magic bullet for a while, i was able to get my sleep routine somewhat in line. well for the past year i had began having insomnia again but with excessive dreaming? ... (0 replies)
Jul 14, 2006
... So, if you are having a lot of dreams, your brain is still in an active mode. Stress, depression or deprivation of sleep for a while could be culprits for excessive dreaming. We cannot control excessive dreaming, but can take measures towards getting rid of stress or depression if those are problems. ... (23 replies)
... to pep up, my wife checks on me and says my breathing is always fine,although we sleep in seperate beds. alot of mornings my bed is a complete mess. i understand dreaming is normal but what if its effecting sleep? ... (0 replies)
... Well, I will look but I know I was not awake because when I did wake the paralysis was gone. It is something in the subconcious that occurs in the brain as part of the brain is waking and other parts are still in sleep mode but my eyes were not open nor could I have spoken had someone been there therefore I was asleep since I can do these things when I am awake. Best I can... (6 replies)
... I have read about 100 sites from Google and every one I read says Sleep paralysis is upon waking or upon falling asleep. They all say you are Awake. That is why I am confused. I cant find anything that describes what I have, when you are NOT awake and its actually a dream. If you can find something, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you (6 replies)
... You are not awake with sleep paralysis. You are suspended between asleep and awake but you are not awake. You feel like you are but you are not really. You generally wake up as you push your consciousness to wake up. You feel like you are fighting to wake up. It is a dream but you are somewhere between REM sleep and consciousness. Check it out on Google for a better explanation (6 replies)

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