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... For a couple of weeks now I have been waking up and feeling groggy. I then feel groggy all day and can't shift it. I look forward to going back to bed to get away from it. ... (2 replies)
... I feel absolutely terrible the next day. Upon waking my head is so heavy it feels like I'm still half asleep and my body feels like it was hit by a truck. I am groggy all day, have more trouble concentrating and remembering things, have the "dropsies," aching muscles, you name it. ... (3 replies)
... Look into these questions and issues. I would be betting on hypopnea that has been aggravated by something. You say You wake tired,but sleep lightly all night long... this is more characteristic of hypopnea. If it was OSA you would be waking frequently and having other issues. ... (2 replies)

... Ambien didn't help me to fall asleep at all but once I got to sleep it helped me to stay asleep. I was dizzy and groggy all day the next day though. ... (5 replies)
... I have not had any sleep studies done. My dr gave me trial prescriptions of Ambien and Lunesta. The Ambien makes me feel groggy all day and gives me an afternoon headache. It also doesn't make me feel very sleepy but I sleep great once I get to sleep. ... (8 replies)
... and St John's Wort. I took 1 St John's Wort Pill per day but took 2 of the 5 HTP. I noticed if I took the S.J.W. ... (23 replies)
... Does anyone else feel VERY groggy upon waking, even if you sleep until your body wakes you up, and wake with a headache each day. ... (1 replies)
... I wake up veryyy toredn hv fatigue all day dark circles tired i feeel awful i cnt walk as i feel dizzy n groggy this hapens for months Can i ever heal from this and for how long it take as i did 2yrs sleeping little and late (0 replies)
... ve recently gotten my schedule somewhat back on track, because I would sleep all day and be awake from 10pm to 8 am then sleep until 10 pm. ... (0 replies)
... are newlyweds, so since getting married I find that my waking hours are spiraling downwards. At worst of times I feel like I am walking with a fog around my mind all day. ... (0 replies)
... groggy. And sleepy all day long. ... (4 replies)
... I am not taking any medications unless you count two ibuprofen pills for my menstrual cramps on the day of my period. ... (0 replies)
... went to the doctor and he prescribed me ambien. It worked ok for about a week but then one night I took it and did not get to sleep at all. I called him the next day and he gave me some samples of lunesta and they worked ok as well. ... (1 replies)
... times a night for a wee or by a noise or for no reason at all. i always wake up groggy and look and feel tired all day. It takes me at least an hour for me to drop off and im always thinking about thing. ... (1 replies)
... be sitting in front of the TV happily watching Sesame Street. Sometimes I did this until 2 or 3 AM. I have memories of going to kindergarten without having slept all night. In high school, it got particularly bad. I had to get up at 6, but most nights I couldn't fall asleep until 1 or 2, if not later. ... (5 replies)
... ust not possible because I can't sleep at night anymore. Most of the time, I have to be in class at 11 or 12 so its not terrible. But tuesday is the most dreaded day of the week as I have to get up at 7am, and I feel like crap all day. ... (1 replies)
... Do you snore? do you kind of feel like you're in a daze and just can't get with it? Are there also times when you can't think as sharply? If so, this could be sleep apnea. I've had this dazed feeling for years and I was finally diagnosed with sleep apnea. Though you sleep, it's low quality sleep. You may want to go in for a sleep study at a clinic. In the meantime try... (2 replies)
... hours i am groggy and grumpy the next the co pay is too hig on that for my insurance..... ... (13 replies)
Mar 6, 2007
... off. Then it wouldn't stop. I'd stay up til around 4,5 or 6am. I'd finally fall asleep and wake up for class feeling terrible. Somedays I would be so tired, that all I would think about was sleeping. Then when I finally finished my work, I'd go to lay down and feel wide awake. ... (3 replies)
... lost 15 pound, and I haven't had to take a nap since I started using it. I also took the Provigil, and it didn't do anything for me at all, I was still exausted all day. The downside about the Adderall is I do have problems falling asleep. ... (1 replies)

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