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... (47 replies)
... lol Actually I think 3 is a reasonable amount. I would be very very hesitant to take any more though. ... (47 replies)
... I recently began taking Trazodone for inablility to sleep through the night. I started out on 25 mg for 2 days and it did nothing for me. I went from 25 mg to 50 mg last night... ... (47 replies)

... OK, so I've been on Ambien, Lunesta, Amptryptiline, and Klonopin for sleep, and I went to my first psychiatrist appointment and was given Trazodone. ... (47 replies)
... hours after I go to sleep, then it is hard for me to fall back asleep again. I have no trouble falling asleep initially. ... (0 replies)
... I take 150 mg trazadone and it kicks in in 30 min. ... (47 replies)
... pm or 11pm. For some reason it takes affect better the more i break it down. I noticed that if you drink a lot of water and eat a banana, it works better. ... (8 replies)
... hey hows everything going with the trazodone ive been real busy with college havent been able to get on. I take 300mgs and adivan 2mgs or switch to 10mgs ambien. works good and i take 40mgs geodon. how much trazodone u taken now? ... (47 replies)
Topamax for sleep
Dec 27, 2003
... i used topamax for sleep in addition to worked well that way.i don't know if it would have worked well by itself for sleep.i also have temporal lobe seizures so it worked for that also.i just couldn't stand being dopey all the time.i feel much better since i am off of it. ... (5 replies)
Apr 7, 2009
... I have tried many sleep meds, Lunesta did not help me. I am taking trazadone 100mg at night for insomnia. ... (4 replies)
... This has been going on with me for the past few years, in fact it even happened some when I was a kid as well. I have talked to my doctor about it, but all he does is prescribe sleeping meds for me, which I put off taking cause I am afraid of sleep! ... (14 replies)
... Do not stop taking eszopiclone suddenly if you have been taking it for more than 1 or 2 weeks. This may cause withdrawal symptoms and make you uncomfortable. Talk to your doctor if you need to stop treatment with eszopiclone. ... (4 replies)
... Is there anyone who takes xanax to get to sleep. My Psychiatrist gave me 1mg a night to fall asleep. I take either .5 or 1mg depending on how I'm feeling. The MD was very quick to give out this medication and did not really listen to my needs. ... (2 replies)
... I have had insomnia for over 20 years, unfortunately it has now turned into chronic insomnia, and after going through some terrible sleep deprivation, I went to see my doctor who prescribed me Trazodone. ... (6 replies)
... I've had insomnia since the age of 7. I'd stay awake for days I would faint in inappropriate places. The first time I remember my mother was making sausages. I remember waking up in the ER. Apparently a day had passed. ... (4 replies)
... What was the Trazodone prescribed for? ... (4 replies)
... years, and developed a tolerance from one tablet for insomnia, over time, to 6 x 300 mg. ... (10 replies)
... I too am not able to get full hrs of sleep on trazodone. I went from 25 mg to 50 mg last night... ... (2 replies)
Ambien Problems
Apr 21, 2004
... Yea, I'm on Ambien currently. I used to be on Trazodone about a year ago, both for depression and chronic insomnia. The 100mg of Trazodone knocked me out alright, but it made me hibernate. I'd fall asleep, but no matter how long or how deeply I slept, I couldn't wake up to save my life. ... (17 replies)
Jan 25, 2004
... I am also taking premarin 0.625.I only take it every 3 days and this works for me when i am about due for a pill i get night sweats and very dry skin i pop one and it all goes away this is working for me and im not suggesting you do this at all... ... (2 replies)

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