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... Hi, I'm new to the forums. My name is Christina and I'm wondering what could cause jolting before sleep. ... (3 replies)
... Last night my fiance wok me up while I was sleeping and said that I was jolting in my sleep likei had been startled. ... (0 replies)
... I have that too!!! It's crazy. My boyfriends does it too. he will be laying in my arms about to go to sleep and then he will like jolt. I have always wonder what caused that. ... (3 replies)

... About 6 months ago I had my first sleep apnea attack.. I was first having a really bad panic attack all night long that lasted until around 5 am.. I was EXHAUSTED I could not keep my eyes open.. ... (3 replies)
... nervous feeling in my stomach and I'm abruptly shaken awake by a sudden jolt. The best way I can describe it is a distress signal trying to keep me alive. ... (2 replies)
... Your description of your husbands sleep issues, sound very much like sleep apnea. ... (2 replies)
... I was diagnosed with Hyperthyrodism as well. What I did that helped (at least for me anyways) where the following: - don't drink too much before you go to sleep, at least 2 hours - I take 1000 mgs of Magnisum, 400 mgs of Potassium (helps the heart and thyroid storms) - I usually walk for about 20-30 minutes a couple of hours before bed - Throughout the day, I drink... (47 replies)
... all the heart tests and wore a monitor, it just showed tachycardia on and off which is just a fast heart rate. It was very scary and when laying down to rest or sleep it was worse. ... (47 replies)
... feeling panicked when waking, breathlessness, racing heart, or in other words, all of the things you've mentioned. ... (47 replies)
... but seem to have been on the correct medication for.. thyroid tests are usually normal. In addition, I had two extremely scary panic attacks for the first time in my life, both involving going to the ER, back around September, and I still haven't quite figured out why. ... (47 replies)
... the last one in August 2004. ... (2 replies)
... ered menopause at the age of 48 and symptoms started to lessen, a little, then a lot. Ambien helped a lot. But I still get a lesser form of the buzzing vibration in my neck and head while asleep. It is a very sickening and scary feeling, plus I never wake up refreshed and often with headaches. ... (0 replies)
... I am so glad to hear that your nightly jerks have stopped. It must be so wonderful to get a good night's sleep without them. You are probably right that it is possible that caffeine played a role in these jerks. I pray that these body jerks continue to stay away. ... (21 replies)
... well I saw the neurologist again yesterday, told him about the sleep jerking thing. I told him that I've had it pretty much as long as I can remember, but now wanted to make sure it's nothing more than anxiety or whatever. ... (21 replies)
... jolting thing. Maybe that will steer him in a new direction, and do a more thorough type test, I dunno. I also have random muscle twitches lately in my legs, it hasn't bothered me lately but a few weeks ago there was a day or two that it was pretty constant. ... (21 replies)
... e I should have another one, because last night I had a really bad episode. I was drifting off to sleep, and then like rain had said, your stomach feels like its in your throat, then I jolted awake, and my lungs felt a little weird. ... (21 replies)
... or next to nothing in books' or on the internet' abought it. ... (21 replies)
... ehh" sound but I should have been screaming bloody murder the way I shot right up. It was almost like I'd been tazered or something. To the person who posted the sleep apnea comment, could you PLEASE check your sources before you have all of us convinced we're going to die in our sleep? ... (21 replies)
... Hey I have the same thing for the longest time. But I'm not sure if it's sleep apnea. I don't doubt that I have sleep apnea, because sometimes I do hear myself snoring a bit and then I kind of choke and wake up. But this sensation that I feel way more often is different. ... (21 replies)
... That is definate signes of sleep apneia, and it can kill you later in life if not under control. I would immeadiately get an EEG done both of you. ... (21 replies)

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