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Lunesta withdrawl
Jan 14, 2012
... AM every night, no matter how tired I was, no matter what time I went to bed. ... (0 replies)
... doses every other night. ... (10 replies)
... By the way,for sleep I have tried: Trazodone Amitriptyline Benadryl Lunesta Klonopin Xanax ...more that I can't remember (8 replies)

... Thanks! I'll keep Lunesta in mind if this doesn't work itself out soon. It's only been the past two months and it's not every week. It goes in like week cycles. Last week I was totally fine. ... (5 replies)
... tty much only take that on an as needed basis as well, however, I would like to get to the point to where I am going to bed at a more consistent bedtime each and every night. If that meant having to take the Ambien CR more often, then I would be ok with that. ... (10 replies)
May 4, 2008
... up for the rest of the night. Does your doctor say you can take these every night if you need to? ... (2 replies)
... Do you take it every night? ... (9 replies)
... Anyway, when I see Lunesta commercials on TV, it states that you will have "8 hours of uninterupted sleep". That sounds all fine and dandy, . . . . but with me, every night I wake up once or twice and need to use the bathroom. It isn't a "dire need", but it is enough that I get up and urinate. ... (4 replies)
... This will allow my brain to "reset," in terms of any tolerance I might build up to a particular medication after several months, and then if I go back to Lunesta in a few months, hopefully it will work for me again! ... (3 replies)
... I try not to take this every night, but I am having a hard time. I didn't take one last night and tossed and turned until about 4am and I was still up at 7 or 8am. ... (3 replies)
... I have been on Lunesta now for approx. one month. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks for posting, Greeneyes100. I can't take valium because it makes me very depressed. I love it for sleep too, but I'd rather not be depressed. I wonder if Dalmane or Restoril would cause depression as well? I will ask my dr. about that. I just want to sleep a good 8 hrs., is that too much to ask? Seems like it is nowadays. (16 replies)
... I tried Lunesta and it doesn't work at all for me. ... (16 replies)
... Anyone else having problems today posting? I typed a long reply and hit post and got a server error. I tried again and all my text was gone.... In short, I too get the weird effects from Ambien. I dont mind them tho. It does help/make me sleep. I live in Redding, Ca which is a little over a hour south of the Oregon border. Today it was 112*. Supposed to cool off this... (9 replies)
... I, too, have been a night owl as long as I can remember. ... (9 replies)
Lunesta's horrid!!
Apr 16, 2005
... Secondly,I've had a very restless sleep, waking up on and off several times every night. ... (2 replies)
Lunesta hang-up?
Apr 7, 2005
... at sounds dumb, but when you have had severe pain for 20 years I was in disbelief. I am not saying it will take away my pain tonight...don't know. So anyway last night was not a good example for anyone else. ... (32 replies)
Rebound insomnia
Aug 27, 2010
... ing 30mg restoril 4 nights a week to sleep and on my off nights taking phenibut. It was working amazing for me. However I was slowly having to increase my dosage every night to get the same effect. ... (3 replies)
... and that helps but im afraid to take it every night bc of addiction. somehow in my mind i tell myself that taking OTC sleep aids is better then prescriptions. anyone else have this problem with sleep starts? ... (0 replies)
... If I go to bed too early, I will wake up multiple times through out the night. My doc gave me Lunesta last night to try and sleep through the whole night and not look at the time. ... (0 replies)

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