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... Hello from Adelaide, Australia. I don't post in forums much but I think it is important to add ones experiences cause it really sucks when you start having the "am I dying? ... (78 replies)
... sleep mode, my body forgets how to breathe, my heart starts racing and pounding and I wake up in panic. This keeps repeating all night until I finally fall asleep somehow. ... (4 replies)
... Help Me lately ive been having problems falling asleep like if I go to sleep at 11pm it seems like I am not falling asleep but it seems as im the time is going by at a study speed. I toss and turn.Then before I know it its 12am still feel like im awake. ... (1 replies)

... s at 4am because I can't sleep due to experiencing these exact symptoms several times in the last few hours while trying to fall asleep. I gave up trying to fall asleep and decided to google this issue and stumbled upon this thread. ... (78 replies)
... d it was determined I have severe sleep apnea only in REM sleep. This seems a likely cause for this sensation because these shutting down episodes seem to happen when im dreaming. I will go from a vivid dream to complete darkness and a feeling that I'm about to die. ... (2 replies)
... I don't want to scare you, but when I first started to get them, on the first two weeks I had it every night. ... (78 replies)
... I get the same shocking sensation when Im crossing over to deep sleep. Last night over 25 times and it kept me awake till morning when I finally got few hours of sleep. ... (78 replies)
... Before it stopped I resorted to forcing myself not to sleep or trying to delay my sleep by trying to stay up watching tv until morning. Usually I fell asleep with the tv on and when I woke in the mornings it would still be on. ... (0 replies)
... e I took a nap, woke up feeling weird stood up and heart starting pounding, went to the e.r. again. Ever since I've had the racing heart thing waking me up after falling asleep at night. ... (47 replies)
... You sound just like me last summer when I was diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder. I often could not get to sleep til around 6am, no matter how tired i was. In a way it almost felt like I was too tired to fall asleep.. ... (1 replies)
... I'm nearly 20 and suffer from bad Anxiety. I don't go to bed until the early hours because i used to have panic attacks when it was dark at night when trying to sleep, so i didn't go to sleep until it was sunrise and light but now i just cannot get out the habit and it's really effecting me. ... (1 replies)
... or even more a night, if a wake up at 4 or 5am in the morning and get up for a drink, toilet etc when i get back in bed i can go back to sleep fine, it never happens then, only when im falling asleep at night. ... (18 replies)
... It is SO scary!! I feel like I am going to die when it happens. I was diagnosed with sleep hypopnea last year but I simply cannot do the CPAP. ... (18 replies)
... times a year, i have nights where it is very hard to sleep. im generally quite tired, and as soon as i feel myself falling asleep, I suddenly wake up, in a shock. ... (18 replies)
... from day to day. The most annoying and concerning symptom which has gotten worse as the hearing has improved some, is a distortion in my voice and peoples voices when talking anything above a low level. Sounds like a cheap radio stuck between stations. Kind of like a doubled, electronically synthesized sound. ... (13 replies)
... Everyone is "paralized" when sleeping. ... (18 replies)
... certain that my insomnia is anxiety related. It began when my house was really hot because the air conditioning broke down and I was sweaty and completely uncomfortable and as a result, slept very poorly. ... (0 replies)
... Hi , Ok So I totally know what you are going through . I was never a tip top sleeper , always a bit of a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep , however always managed to get enough to feel rejuvinated the next day . Never used to stress about it too much ... ... (6 replies)
... I also a vivid dreamer, not always, but often, and I think I know when mention that you like dreaming. Dreaming can be fun, but it can also be a LITERAL nightmare. ... (5 replies)
... Sounds like a panic attack to me, might want to check into anxiety. Have you booked a doctor's appointment to discuss this? ... (5 replies)

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