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Jul 15, 2015
I am on Chantix 1mg in the morning. Didn't feel the need to take the other pill at night since I didn't have a strong urge to smoke plus it makes me nauseous. I am going try splitting the pill in half and take half in morning and half at night. I only smoked 2 days on the Chantix because the cigarettes tasted like ashes in my mouth. I do feel some depression and little difficulty when sleeping.

Has anyone had hot flashes on the Chantix? I will at times get really hot for no reason and then it goes away. I also don't have much of an appetite.

For constipation, try using Metamucil. The powder you mix with water. This will help with the constipation and the bloating. I agree that the Chantix works along with strong will power. When you get the urge to smoke call a friend for support or get online and read about the dangers of smoking.

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