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im just in to day 3 myself.

i find the only side effects im getting are a little bloating and constipation and i feel extremely lethargic. i also find that around the 3-5 pm time frame im dying for a nap.

part of me wonders though if the exhaustion is less chantix and more nicotine withdrawal. after all chantix is blocking the nicotine receptors - so you are going through withdrawal while on chantix (but because it release 60% of the dopamine that nicotine would, you dont feel as bad as if you were going cold turkey).

anyway, im still smoking and have decided not to stop until i start the 1mg twice a day.

if this lethargy keeps up i don't know if ill be able to stay on chantix though. i can't be dragging myself around all day like i am right now.

but like i say, im going to wait until i get further in to the treatment before i start to get worried.

i wish i was having the vivid dreams! its hadhad no effects on my dreaming so far - but perhaps that will change when i get to a higher dosage.

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