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Chantix Newbie
Mar 7, 2007
... I keep reading wonderful things on this board about how good Chantix works. ANY encouragement one can give me I would appreciate! ... (15 replies)
... Going on week number 3, and haven't smoked in 2 weeks. Feels good. Now I want to stop Chantix all together after the starter pack runs out (1 more week). Anybody done this and been successful? I know most of you will probably tell me to just continue for the 12 weeks and not to risk it. Well it's a financial decision for me. My insurance for some reason doesn't even... (8 replies)
Chantix ??? Help
Feb 12, 2010
... use nicotine many years from now. That said, the urge does become weaker and you can overcome those urges. I quit smoking two years ago using Chantix. I took Chantix for about five weeks and decided that it was "now or never" and stopped taking the Chantix. ... (2 replies)

Chantix covered?
Aug 25, 2009
... I've had two different insurance companies refuse to cover Chantix and both of them told me it was because the plan administrator (the employer) chose not to cover smoking cessation in their plan. I think this is hooey because the drug is so expensive. Seems it would be cheaper to cover the drug than lung cancer though. Rebecca (3 replies)
Chantix covered?
Jul 23, 2009
... The health insurance I have now will not cover Chatix, I have an opportunity to change Insurance companys in Sept. stopping this habit is my top priority because of failing health Does anyone out there know what major Health Insurances DO cover Chantix? ... (3 replies)
... ome online that you can download regarding your financial state right now and if you have insurance. Thirdly, if they look at your information and see that your insurance may not pay for it, then they'll ask you to get a script from your doctor and send it to the company and they will give you your med. ... (3 replies)
... Jen's Mom! I do know that I've had scripts in the past for my son that the insurance wouldn't cover at the drug store, but I've sent scripts to the drug company and have gotten the drug for nothing! ... (3 replies)
... Our health insurance didn't pay for Chantix, guess they'd rather pay to treat the diseases that smoking causes. Makes no sense. ... (3 replies)
... I'm worried that Chantix will be the same way...that it's just not affecting me. I was hoping for the vivid dreams or even a little nausea if it meant that Chantix was working. ... (6 replies)
Chantix Rx Savings
Apr 18, 2008
... I just found out something interesting and thought I'd pass it on to other Chantix users. There's a woman who writes a once a week article in our newspaper about her experiences while quitting smoking. ... (1 replies)
... I am still doing great. Not smoking, not even thinking about cheating, I think the lower dose is a good idea for people whose insurance doesn't cover it. ... (10 replies)
... I started taking Chantix almost 4 weeks ago, and I must say that in terms of killing the urge to smoke, it really is AMAZING. ... (10 replies)
... I am really curious about chantix.. I really want to quit, and have before, but I just gain a lot of weight, have you gained weight on chantix? By the way, how much does it cost? I don't have insurance. (10 replies)
... What a wonder drug! Since so many insurance companies will not pay for this yet, I am sharing what I did, it worked great! and I didn't have to stay on the drug for 3 months. ... (10 replies)
... My insurance said chantix would cost me $250. is this what you guys have to pay for this? i really want to fill the prescription, but $250 is more than i can afford. (30 replies)
... for the first month's supply since my insurance wouldn't cover it. There's a lot about this drug that's not being said by Pfizer. ... (15 replies)
... The company that manufactures Chantix is offering assistance if you have no insurance. ... (11 replies)
... without eating anything more than I ever did! Obviously, weight gain is a side effect of quitting smoking, but does Chantix do anything to reduce the chances of this happening? ... (31 replies)
Jun 29, 2007
... I'm sorry, Bob, about the trouble you're having with your doctor. Maybe he should visit Pfizer's own Chantix "feedback" forum they've created? ... (161 replies)
... Had to buy the other two months since my insurance did not cover it. Some insurance plans do. But the cost for me was a little more than a pack a day addiction. ... (15 replies)

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