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... I have started smoking again, but I am making a determination on NEW YEARS to never get anywhere near nicotine again, I think one of my downfalls was trying an NRT and that little lease of nicotine through me just made the withdrawal worse. ... (3 replies)
... Congrats to you for deciding that it is time to quit. I firmly believe that a person won't be successful in quitting until they are ready to quit. I quit smoking on April 30th, the day I had my second daughter. ... (3 replies)
... I'm actually not supposed to drink with meals due to another medical condition, but I'm doing it anyway. It doesn't get rid of the nausea, but it reduces it to a manageable level. ... (9 replies)

... I tried to quit many times, all attempts futile. As you are finding out, quiting smoking is extremely difficult, and I've got to give you congratulations for making it at least 10 days! ... (3 replies)
... Chantix is working if this is how you feel. ... (6 replies)
... I'm worried that Chantix will be the same way...that it's just not affecting me. I was hoping for the vivid dreams or even a little nausea if it meant that Chantix was working. ... (6 replies)
... the nose and sinuses followed by sore throats and finally caughing. Since the sore throats, just couldn't smoke anymore, it makes me sick, and it's been the 4th day with no craving and no cigarette. ... (9 replies)
... Chantix really worked for me. It will stop you from smoking if you stick to the medicine. Sticking to the medicine is hard for some as some get bad side effects and some get mild ones and some get hardly any. Be aware of any changes in you and don't hesitate to ask your dr. ... (3 replies)
... made it through day 8 without smoking. ... (30 replies)
... that have quit smoking. Some of these people may have been quit for many many years. And we hear these stories from them that sometimes they still get craves for a cigarette. ... (0 replies)
... Hi, my doctor prescribed me Chantix yesterday took the 1st pill the second I got home. I had a messed up sleep cycle but I was able to get to sleep at 5 A.M. No biggy. ... (27 replies)
... Hi all .....This Saturday will be 8 weeks for me, my husband and daughter. This is maybe my 5th quit. My most successful were all cold turkey as this one has been. We did do hypnosis. One on one, and that has been a trememdous help. I always found when I used the patch or losenges that I wanted to smoke more. ... (8 replies)
... Pumpkin, you are doing so good!!! That urge is a mental one now. The nicotine is out of your system. It is really mental from this point forward and every day gets a little easier. ... (8 replies)
... r whatever to quit and that's what I did. I figured eventually the Chantix was going to kick in and make me less interested in smoking and why quit before it had a chance to do it's work. ... (6 replies)
... One cigarette will hurt!! You never know which cigarette you smoke will be the one that gives you cancer. You are playing Russian Roulette each time you light up. ... (6 replies)
... Wished I still knew how to ride a bicycle. I can't get the balance right. I look like a drunk on one. But at least I can walk straight!! I'm walking 2 miles in 30 minutes twice a day. ... (95 replies)
... CONGRATS to all the successful quitters and to those just beginning to take the plunge. What a wonderful place this is!!! And MEMAW! ... (12 replies)
... Bless your heart!! I know it's tough. The nicotine is out of you system now. But nicodemon is still calling you...wanting to lure you in its clutches again. I don't think you are stong enough to keep an unopened pack of cigarettes around. ... (17 replies)
... I'm so proud of you. You're doing so good. The third day is one of the hardest. We are all pulling for you here. If you feel the urge to smoke, you come here and rant and rave and tell us how unfair life is. ... (14 replies)
... pm. I sit here at this computer just moments after washing my upper arm with soap and hot water, drying it thoroughly with a towel, and slapping a 21mg nicotine patch on my arm. ... (23 replies)

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