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... A few days ago, my friend, who's been studying lung cancer in school, told me that there's no difference if a person smokes 1 cig or 1 pack a day. It's all about the length of period someone smokes and both have the same harmful effects. ... (5 replies)
Smoked 22 yrs
Dec 11, 2007
... it was so good i almost couldn't stand it. The she didn't want me to smoke any of this stuff anymore. 1 day "here" the next "stop". My lil old brain had no freakin idea wat to do. ... (0 replies)
... To be honest, I found the most effective way to quit was to cut down first. Originally in Jan, I stopped for 3 weeks, but then one day I was just fet up and smoked a pack. Then went back to my old habits and smoked even more. ... (1 replies)

... I am 33 years old, and have smoked 1 pack a day since I was 16. I have attempted several times in the past to quit...but I just enjoyed it so much that I just couldnt get serious about it. ... (3 replies)
... i am now back to 1 pack a day. ... (3 replies)
... I've been smoke free for 3 months. My husband and I quit together. I still wake up about 1 or 2 in the a.m., and every little noise will keep me awake. I go to sleep about 9pm. ... (1 replies)
... well this is what I did and it was the only thing that worked after numerous attempts. I smoked for 25 years I'm 36. ... (5 replies)
... to quit smoking my good news. I started smoking at 16, off and on and not heavy. I quit cold turkey at around 25 I think. I had my first child at 29 and never smoked through pregnancy or breastfeeding. ... (2 replies)
... My SO chained smoked in front of me. ... (1 replies)
... I been smoking for 20 years, and I am 37 years old. I smoked almost pack a day. I decided that this year is it. I tried everything in the past... gum, patches, longezine thingys....I also read a "Easy Way" book. ... (13 replies)
... Hi,i am also a chantix user ,i smoked 45 years and just found out i have copd,i started chantix 1 month ago,the first 3 week ,i still smoked 1 or2 a day,then the smoke made me so sick to smell,i could not smoke a cig.i been without a cig.1 week today . ... (14 replies)
... I am almost finished my course of Chantix having smoked for 27years, 1 pack a day, more or less. I, like you, thought I could never function without cigarettes. My life also revolved around smoking. ... (8 replies)
3rd day of Chantix
Jan 11, 2011
... x on my first quit day because I was not sleeping and the wild dreams kept me awake. So I started again two weeks ago. I can honestly say that on day 6 I still smoked as much and was thinking to myself "This isn't working" but the next day was my quit day and it has been a cakewalk if not for the sides. ... (6 replies)
... it when my mom died, and then he quit in September, 2008 and he is quit for good as well, though the cigarettes from others don't disgust him like they do me. He smoked 3 packs a day for 12 years and I smoked one pack a day for 18 years. ... (2 replies)
... Congratulations on deciding to quit and 2 1/2 days is excellent, :angel: This is my 4th attempt and so far have been quit for 7 weeks & 1 day :angel: This time around I've quit on my own, which believe it or not seems to be easier, as my hubby is still smoking and cigarettes are at hand if I need one, which I haven't even been tempted to sneak one :-) On my other quits my... (3 replies)
... Well the cigarettes have been causing this overwelming can't handle fatigue I've had, I guess after quitting, I have felt a little fatigue, but it's nothing to what it once was. I relapsed so many times I didn't know if I was going to be able to do this, but I kept trying, and I think the hardest thing for me was having people come around me whom smoke, and even if they... (3 replies)
... Ok it's been 5 1/2 days since my last cigarette. I just quit cold turkey after I felt my heart starting to act up again. I smoked for 3 1/2 years & right now I really want a cig, but haven't given in. I keep thinking if I buy 1 pack & only smoke a couple a day, it will be better than nothing but I know I can't. I got this e cigarette and it seems to help. Like it tricks... (17 replies)
... My husband is currently on his 3rd month of Chantix, and he has now been smoke free for about 2 weeks. He was a 3 pack-a-day smoker for about 12 years, and in the early years, he smoked the really bad stuff, like straights, but after that, I got him to go to regulars, to lights, to ultra lights, and he's been on those ever since (about 8 years). But he always inhaled as deep... (4 replies)
... Its day 21 and I have smoked 1 cig in these past 3 weeks. Thats still awesome. Man, cigs are evil...we'll see how this goes. ... (12 replies)
... Don't think of it as a weakness. I had the same thing happen. I was quit for 21 days then went and bought a pack of cigarettes. I smoked one a day for about a week them threw them away because I really wanted to stay quit. ... (9 replies)

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