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I was in a auto accident last week. After a couple of days of severe back pain had a MRI. Findings show:
Superior endplate compression of T-12 vertebral body
More pronounced compression of L-1 vertebral body involving loss of at least half of height
Retropulsion of portion of vertebral body into canal...mainly midline
Some facet hypertrophy of L4-5 posteriorly causing mild stenosis
Acute compressions involves edema and superior aspect of T-12 and entire L-1vertebral body
Bladder is loss 50% of height
Mild retropulsion of bone into canal at L-1

I am in such severe pain I cannot sit, stand or walk without screaming. Neurosurgeon put me in brace and mentioned injecting cement into vertebrae. They say edema present indicates injury is acute. Can anyone interpret these findings for me ? Thank you
Sorry to hear about your MVA. They can really create havoc with the spine.

I would suggest you see a fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon (not a regular ortho, but one who treats only necks and backs) for an evaluation.

Was there anything else in the report? What concerns me and what may be causing your intense pain is the fragment of the vertebra that has lodged in the canal. I do not see how this could be the case without it impacting the nerves, but no nerve compression is mentioned. What specifically are your symptoms?

It sounds like you are receiving the usual treatment for a compression fracture of the vertebra. A brace is used for a period of time to immobilize the spine to keep you from bending. If it doesn't heal, then a procedure can be tried called a vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty, which is where the cement comes in.

The report basically indicates that there are two vertebrae that were fractured, with the one at Lumbar 1 being worse than the one at Thoracic 12. The entire vertebra at L1 is compressed so it is now half its original height.

There is a bit of degenerative arthritic change in the facet joint at the L4-5 segment. I would guess this was there prior to the MVA as it is a "wear and tear" type issue.


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