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MRI: CERVICAL SPINE W/O CONTRAST Result See description Description PROCEDURE:


Multiplanar multi-sequence images were obtained through the cervical spine without the use of IV contrast. Standardsequences were obtained.

Plain film of the cervical spine from 2016 FINDINGS: There is no evidence for compression deformity or subluxation. There are no areas of bone marrow edema. Craniocervical junction is unremarkable. The paraspinal musculature is unremarkable. No areas of abnormal cord signal identified.

Flow voids are noted within the vertebral arteries. Multilevel disc desiccation and disc space height loss is noted. This space height loss is most pronounced at C4-C5. There is straightening with mild reversal of the normal cervical lordosis centered at the C4-C5 level.

Mild multilevel endplate spurring is noted. There is no prevertebral edema identified.c

There is a hemangioma within vertebral body T2. C2/C3: Mild bilateral uncovertebral joint spurring as well as moderate left and mild right facet hypertrophy results in mild to moderate left and mild right neural foraminal stenosis without spinal canal stenosis.

C3/C4: Mild bilateral facet hypertrophy and uncovertebral joint spurring resulting in mild left-sided neural foraminal stenosis. There is no spinal canal stenosis. C4/C5: There is disc - osteophyte complex formation with a mild broad-based posterior disc bulge.

Mild to moderate bilateral facet hypertrophy is noted. Uncovertebral joint spurring is more pronounced on the left. This results in severe left and moderate to severe right neural foraminal stenosis and mild to moderate spinal canal stenosis with contact of the ventral surface of the cord with mild cord flattening.

There is mild increased T2 cord signal intensity within the ventral aspect of the cord best appreciated on sagittal image 7 of series 2. This may represent chronic changes of myelomalacia or compressive myelopathy given the focal cord contact at this level.

C5/C6: Moderate right uncovertebral joint spurring and mild bilateral facet hypertrophy result inc moderate to severe right neural foraminal stenosis. There is no spinal canal stenosis at this level.

C6/C7: There is a mild broad-based posterior disc bulge resulting in mild bilateral neural foraminal stenosis without spinal canal stenosis.

C7/T1: No significant disc bulge, neuroforaminal stenosis, or spinal canal stenosis identified.

IMPRESSION: Moderate multilevel discogenic and degenerative changes most pronounced at C4-C5 with mild to moderate spinal canal stenosis, ventral cord contact with mild cord flattening, suspected mild chronic cord changes/myelomalacia, and high-grade neural foraminal stenosis.

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