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Here is what the conclusion said:
1. Anterior cervical fusion c5-6. No canal or formaminal stenosis at this level.

2. Cervical spondylosis with disc bulging with endplate spurring c3-4 and c4-5. Central slight superior disc extrusion c 3-4 and a central disc protrusion c4-5. Central canal stenosis at both levels with ven.tral cord impingement c3-4. No overt cord compression.

My c5-7 was fused in the late 90s as well as my L 3 4 and 5. Both hips replaced last year and a right hernia this year. I have a lot of weakness in right left, hands and arms go numb tingling and electric shocks in neck dizzy a lot and some bowel issues.

Any help is appreciated. :angel:
Yes. C3-4: disc bulge with endplate spurring. Central slight superior disc extrusion causes flattening of the ventral cervical cord with AP canal stenosis. No overt cord compression. Mild forming narrowing. Mild facet arthropathy.

C4-5. Disc bulging with endplate spurring. Central disc perfusion. AP canal stenosis without cord compression. Mild forminal stenosis. Mild facet arthropathy.
Endplate spurring is part of the disc degenerative process. Normally it has a smooth edge, but when there are changes to the disc, the endplate often begins to grow little bone spurs in an attempt to stabilize the joint. At C3-4, disc material is coming out from the disc and is pushing over into the central canal with sufficient pressure that it is flattening the spinal cord at this level and is causing spinal stenosis (narrowing) of the central canal. However the cord itself is not compressed.

The next level down, C4-5, has similar issues...degenerative disc issues, but the disc is bulging but not extruding disc material. There is some central canal narrowing but not enough to have an impact on the cord itself.

I'm not sure why you are having hand and arm tingling and numbness because the spinal nerves that innervate the arms and hands are lower...C6, C7 and C8,
But the pain in the neck, etc. would or could be symptomatic of compression of C3 or C4.

I hope you have an appointment with your surgeon soon!

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